Saturday, January 25, 2014

Zombie Plague at Sea?

   It sounds like a fiction nightmare that could become real.

Imagine a huge former cruise ship abandoned and floating out at sea for nearly a year, occupied only by hungry, starving.... rats. Tons of rats. Rats so hungry they begin eating each other.

Now imagine that ship possibly reaching land.. and unleashing its deadly cargo.

Sounds like a Michael Crichton thriller, right?

Well... it could be real, if this story about a ghost ship is actually true. The Soviet-era ship is supposedly floating off the coast of Scotland. It also got reported on CBS News. But... The Smithsonian site, however, says the ship has not yet been sighted and it's not known if any rats are actually aboard. There is a link to a tracker, too.

Not only is the idea of crazed rats coming ashore frightening, but think of the possibilities of the fleas, then actual plague, that could be unleashed.

Now who says truth isn't stranger than fiction? And if anything, it sure would make a heck of  a story.

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