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Why Follow #SummerofZombie? #Zombie Books!

Some of you may already be "zombied" out by post-after-post about... zombies.

BUT - if you like reading about zombies - if you like reading horror - if you like finding new authors, then THIS is the event for you! 

 I put a page link (on top under the logo) on the blog here with all the posts on this blog - and links to the authors. Check them out. Find something new to add to your Kindle. Don't be afraid to try a new author. You may find a new favorite.  Later, I'll add a list of books new-to-me that I discovered during the tour.

Week 3 of Summer of Zombie! 

Check out today's authors and excerpts. Full posts are  at the DyingDaysZombie blog. (I am adding excerpts here once the posts go up.)

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Hey zombie fans! A.Giacomi here, affectionately known as The Poetic Zombie. I’m a huge fan of zombies, as I’m sure you can already tell by my enthusiasm. I’m also the author of the Zombie Girl Saga, a four book series following Eve, a zombie trying desperately to regain her humanity. Book 1 & 2 are out NOW from Permuted Press!

I love my zombies, and am always looking for ways to share my thoughts on them with other zombie enthusiasts. Today I want to use cinema to discuss what zombies really want, and if you’re curious, then I’ll tell ya what they want, what they really really want (yup Spice Girls reference, deal with it!) Read the rest…

Shana Festa Guest Post
(Author of At Hell's Gates 2: Origins of Evil)

Zombie Roll Call

 I like to think I’m fairly well-versed in All Things Zombie. Assuming, of course, reading hundreds of books and watching every zombie movie or TV show I can get my hands on qualifies me as being an authority on the topic. Over the years we’ve seen the traditional zombie morph into something…well…more.

     So it’s only logical, in my opinion, that there should be zombie categories. Without getting too detailed—we could be here a while—here’s what I deem the high-level types of zombies.

1. Traditional Shamblers (my favorite)

2. World War Z—Holy Shit—Zombies (my most feared)
3. The Sneaky Bastard Zombie (my likely downfall)
4. The Mutant Zombie (my most frustrating)
5. Self-aware Zombies (my most take it or leave it) Read the rest...

Dave Lund Guest Post
Stress and Depression in the Zombie Apocalypse
(Author of Winchester: Over (Winchester Undead Book 1) - Winchester Undead series)

In any high stress environment the body and mind can only function for so long before mistakes happen, before chemical changes in the body and mind occur and before the chance of depression creeps into the picture.

With the natural fight or flight response, moments of adrenaline, a rollercoaster of chemical releases in the body, ups and downs that are high stress then the letdown after the adrenaline fades, the body’s meager attempt to protect its self.  Combat veterans, of whom I am not, have spoken to the idea that once you live in an environment where people are shooting back at you, the normal world feels flat. Read the rest…

Claire C. Riley Guest Post
(Author of Odium (Dead Saga Book 1) - Odium series)
Why We’re All Zombies
Without wanting to sound like a sixties hippy who believes in flower power and peace and love to mankind. Let me just come out and say this, I’m going to be blunt, of course I am, aren’t I always.
We’re all zombies. Think about it, a zombie, by definition is this;
  1. zombie
[ ˈzämbē ]
Noun: zombie · plural noun: zombies
  1. a corpse said to be revived by witchcraft, especially in certain African and Caribbean religions.
synonyms: living dead · undead · walking dead · soulless corpse
  • informal
a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings.

  • a computer controlled by another person without the owner’s knowledge and used for sending spam or other illegal or illicit activities. Read the rest…

Rebecca Besser Guest Post


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