Karina Fabian: Zombie Humor, Neeta Lyffe Series

Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator by Karina Fabian: 

Neeta Lyffe coverBy the 2040s, the shambling dead have become an international problem. While governments and special interest groups vie for the most environmentally-friendly way to rid the world of zombies, a new breed of exterminator has risen: The Zombie Exterminator. 

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When zombie exterminator Neeta Lyffe gets sued because a zombie she set afire stumbles onto a lawyer's back porch, sheneeds money fast. So she agrees to train apprentice exterminators in a reality TV show that makes Survivor look like a child's tag game. But that's nothing compared to having to deal with crazy directors, bickering contestants and paparazzi. Can she keep her ratings up, her bills paid and her apprentices alive and still keep her sanity? Based on characters from "Wokking Dead" in The Zombie Cookbook.

* And there's more in Neeta Lyffe 2: I Left My Brains in San Francisco. 

* “I don’t think that’s our corpsickle.”
* “I think it wanted its necklace back.”
* “Was I talking about conspiracy theories or beheading things?”
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The Zombie CookbookCooking With Zombies Has Never Been Easier or More Fun!

Eleven poems, recipes and stories to entertain you and help you entertain with zombies from writers who know. Romance and revenge, the Wild West and a wild train ride, exterminator tips and zombie tirades. Come, see how the other half lives...or doesn't.

"Wokking Dead:" It's war and love when zombies invade a Korean restaurant.

The Zombie Cookbook Cover"My Big, Fat, Zombie Wedding": So what if he's undead? That won't keep Vida from marrying her true love--and neither will challenges from prejudice to unusual dietary needs stop the wedding of the decade!

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