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Excerpts and authors linked below. (Check out the author's books on posts, too! A full Zombie Reading list!!)

Our posts: 

Interview with Jessica Robinson (Pembroke Sinclair)

Jessica Robinson Guest Post - Zombies vs. Monsters - see our blog.

Interview with C.A. Verstraete

C.A. Verstraete - Post - Getting Hooked on Zombies

Excerpts C.A. Verstraete Guest Post: Character Interview
Who's that Girl? (Or is it Ghoul?)


Week 1: 
Interviews, Spotlight on:

All links are here on our blog - Summer of Zombie Begins.

Links to authors for weekend 1

Friday June 5th

Saturday June 6th
Jay Wilburn Guest Post

Sunday June 7th
Saul Tanpepper  -Samantha Gregory  - John Palisano J.E. Gurley  -Candy O’Donnell 
 A. Giacomi 

 - Interviews with a zombie and more at Books, Beer & Blogsh*t:

Candy O'Donnell's zombie character talks.
Mike Evans - and one freaky pic.
Jack Wallen's zombie servants

Tues, June 9 Excerpts

Authors: PM Barnes, Claire C Riley, Julianne Snow, Justin Coke, Joe McKinney
C.A. Verstraete - Post - Getting Hooked on Zombies

Weds. June 10 - Excerpts

Rebecca Besser, Jolie Du Pre, Greg P. Ferrell, Shana Festa, Mark Tufo

Thurs. June 11 - Excerpts
Melanie Karsak, Dave Lund, Greg P. Ferrell,  Jaime Johnesee, John O'Brien, Eli Constant- BV Barr

Week 2: 
Weekend Posts

Excerpts - Links to authors below.
Full post - C.A. Verstraete Guest Post: Character Interview
Who's that Girl? (Or is it Ghoul?)

Friday June 12 - Authors: (Friday & Sat. Excerpts
Mike Evans, Shawn Chesser, Armand Rosamilia, Jake Bible,  Eric A. Shelman, Jay Wilburn 

Saturday June 13  
Luke Ahearn, Julianne Snow, Jack Wallen, C.A. Verstraete Guest Post - see blog post
Stevie Kopas, Samantha Gregory

Sunday June 14 - Excerpts  
Jessica Robinson Guest Post - Zombies vs. Monsters - see our blog.
 J. E. Gurley, John Palisano, PM Barnes, Saul Tanpepper, Jay Wilburn

Week 3: 
Monday June 15 - Authors:  Excerpts
Guest Posts: A. Giacomi, Shana Festa, Dave Lund,  Claire C. Riley, Rebecca Besser 

Tuesday June 16- Authors:  Excerpts
Mark Tufo, Jaime Johnesee, Armand Rosamilia, Leah Rhyne
Eli Constant and B.V. Barr, Jay Wilburn 

Wednesday June 17      Excerpts
Justin Coke, Shawn Chesser, Eric A. Shelman, Melanie Karsak Guest Posts

Thursday June 18- Authors:    Excerpts
PM Barnes, Candy O’Donnell, Luke Ahearn, Claire C. Riley, Jay Wilburn Guest Posts

Friday June 19- Authors:  Excerpts
Julianne Snow, C.A. Verstraete, Eli Constant and B.V. Barr 
Mike Evans, Mark Tufo, Jack Wallen Guest Posts

Saturday June 20        Excerpts
Greg P. Ferrell, Melanie Karsak, Jake Bible, Joe McKinney, Jay Wilburn Guest Posts

Sunday June 21       Excerpts
Armand Rosamilia, JE Gurley, PM Barnes, Shana Festa, Claire C. Riley Teaser Posts

Week 4:
Monday June 22     Excerpts - Mon and Tues.
Jessica Robinson, Jake Bible, John O’Brien, John Palisano Teaser Posts

Tuesday June 23    
Saul Tanpepper, Mark Tufo, Jolie Du Pre, A. Giacomi, Candy O’Donnell Teaser Posts

Wednesday June 24     Weds. &  Thurs. Excerpts
Melanie Karsak, Julianne Snow, Jay Wilburn, Rebecca Besser, Eric A. Shelman Teasers

Thursday June 25    
Shawn Chesser, Luke Ahearn, Jaime Johnesee, Melanie Karsak Teasers

Friday June 26     Fri.  & Sat. Excerpts
Samantha Gregory, Stevie Kopas, Mike Evans, Leah Rhyne Teasers
Eli Constant and B.V. Barr Teaser

Saturday June 27    
Jack Wallen - C.A. Verstraete Teasers

Joe McKinney, Claire C. Riley Teasers

Sunday June 28  Excerpts 
Justin Coke Teaser, Jolie Du Pre, Jay Wilburn Guest Posts

Monday June 29   Mon.-Tues. Excerpts
Luke Ahearn, John O’Brien, Shawn Chesser Guest Posts

Tuesday June 30

Mark Tufo, Dave Lund, Armand Rosamilia Guest Posts

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