Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Behind the Shadows II Kickstarter Begins!


 * Get in on the BEHIND THE SHADOWS II Kickstarter beginning JULY 3 for special perks, daily posts, and who's who's in the horror lite anthology. Also check the Facebook page for updates.

Includes my eerie, creepy Twilight-Zoneish story, "Blink!" 

I loved writing this story! Tommy wakes to a new world and wonders why no one else "sees" what is going on but him!  A little weird and even funny at times!

Monday, July 1, 2024

It's that time! Summer of #Zombie!

If you like reading about zombies, then July is for you!

Summer of Zombie is now underway all month on Facebook with 12 authors of some fantastic zombie books! (Be sure to join the group to get in on daily posts and more!) And there's a fantastic giveaway at the end of the month. Sign up at Rafflecopter, also in the Summer of Zombie group at the link above.

Event authors include: (See their links for more info.)

Armand Rosamilia Dying Days

Courtney Konstantin Babysitter of the Apocalypse Book 1
Scott Baker Nurse Alissa vs. the Zombies
Adam Best Iron Bones: Infection
Allen Gamboa Operation Zulu: Last Mission
Baileigh Higgins Last Another Day
JM. Anderson 70 Miles Out
R Jade Lazlow Viral Dawn
Alexander Bailey Fall of River City Book 1
Alathia Paris Morgan Moms Against Zombies
A.M. Geever Undead Impact


 * My book, Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter was in the Winter of Zombie Facebook event. 

Here is the Day 6  post. See Day 21 for a view of the crime from Lizzie's perspective.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Noncorporeal II Ghosts Anthology Pre-Order!


The anthology, Noncorporeal II, featuring my story, "Secrets of the Last Mine," is now going up for pre-order on various sites! A spooky mix of stories from near-horror to sci-fi and more! See author list.

  * Get the paperback at Amazon- paperback & e-book: B&N

* Get the e-book version from Apple, Kobo and other sites; see links here.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Lucky me! #Stokercon Reading!


 As I've never been (and maybe I'll get to go if they have StokerCon in Chicago or Milwaukee someday,) but a nice Facebook friend Valerie offered up an extra program for free and I was lucky enough to get my name in early!

Expected a small booklet like most cons, but this is a hefty 326+ pages and has lots of short stories, interviews, and more, so really looking forward to reading this! 

Now I'll somehow have to get that special StokerCon Weird Tales edition No.369 with stories by past winners. I'm usually writing some kind of horror, so it pays to read what the better-known authors are writing! There are so many good anthologies coming out (horror and mystery, but I just can't buy them all. Sadly, not all are in the library, either. Maybe the library will have the Weird Tales edition so I'll do some checking!)

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Somnium Book Tour

 Looking for something eerie to read? 

Deidre Swinden is the author of Somnium, where Gillian Hardie experiences nightmares so intense they threaten her very existence, thanks to a glitch in Somnium Corporation's groundbreaking dream advertising technology. Every night, her sleep unleashes monsters that her body reacts to as if they were real, pushing her to the edge of despair.

Armed with her lucid dreaming skills, Gillian battles these horrors, but when an accident traps her in a perpetual dream state, she must rely on Nathan Keller, a nightmare warrior, and Dex Cooper, an Operator, to navigate this nightmarish reality. With her darkest fears manifesting like never before, Gillian faces a race against time to survive a threat that could unleash unimaginable horrors from the depths of her mind.

Dive into a story that explores the shadowy boundaries of fear and technology. For fans of cutting-edge psychological thrillers and high-stakes survival horror, this novel promises a journey through the darkest corridors of the human psyche, where the next dream could be your last. Join Gillian in her fight against the darkest corners of her mind—before it’s too late. - Get it at Amazon.

** Hear more - see Author Interview on YouTube.

About the Author:
A successful writer/editor in the corporate world for more than two decades, Deirdre Swinden is currently living and writing in North Carolina. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Arcadia University and has published short stories in Griffel Literary Magazine and Grim & Gilded. Early in her writing career, she won the Popular Short Story Contest at the 2000 Philadelphia Writers’ Conference with her short work, “Shooting Televisions." Find her at https://deirdreswindenauthor.com - X/TWITTER - @DeirdreSwinden - FACEBOOKhttps://www.facebook.com/deirdre.swinden5.



Thursday, May 23, 2024

New story & Horror Anthology Coming!

 I've been remiss on posting here so I'll add details I shared on the other blog.

Any news can be regularly found at my website, cverstraete.com.

My story, "Blink!", will be coming soon in the Shadows II horror anthology from Inkd Publishing. (See their Facebook page.) The story is a bit gruesome, but not gorey. It's more creepy-weird-Twilight Zoneish. This one was fun to write!

*** There will be a Kickstarter for the anthology starting in July. Check out the page here and sign up to get in on some cool stuff! 

Monday, January 1, 2024

Winter of Zombie Begins! Books-authors

 I joined this event originated by authors Armand Rosamilia and the late Jay Wilburn way back when Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter first came out. So, it's good to go home again!

All kinds of events, videos and such will be going on all this month - AND you'll have a chance to win a whopping stack of 13 books from the participants. Wow, that's some amazing reading!!

You'll need to be in two groups on Facebook for the events. I'm featured on two days, Jan 6th and the 21st.

Here's the schedule of authors and the daily book videos  that'll be in the Facebook group. Also be sure to join the Reader's Group for author posts each day. Be sure to check them all out to play and learn more about their fantastic zombie books! I've included the featured  books below. 


Jan. 1st Welcome - See Giveaway

** Be sure to check the Reader's Group each day for the featured post! **

 2nd- Courtney Konstantin and 17th

Prepared, Sundown Series Book 1
3rd- Jessica Gomez and 18th
Infected, The Infected Series Book 1

4th- Scott Baker and 19th

5th- Armand Rosamilia and 20th
The Dead Shall Rise: Zombie Zombie Zombie (Dark Tide Horror Novellas Book 10)

6th- C A Christine Verstraete and 21st
Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter and Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter 2: The Axe Will Fall

7th- Cal Brett and 22nd
Worse than Dead: Survival in the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 1 of 2

Ben Black and 23rd
Death's Aria , The Black Undeath Series

9th- Gillian Zane and 24th
Run, NOLA Series Book 1 of 5

10th- Baileigh Higgins and 25th
Trial by Fire, Heroes of the Apocalypse, Book 1 of 6

11th- A.M. Geever, Author and 26th
Undead Menagerie, Steel City Apocalypse Book 1 of 2

12th- Naomi Ault and 27th
Chew, Season 1 of 2

13th- Alathia Morgan and 28th
Infected Waters: A Titanic Disaster (Infected History Series Book 1 of 3)

14th- Kate L. Mary and 29th
Broken World, A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novel

15th- Erin Louis
The Dead Shall Rise: Zombie ZombZombie (Dark Tide Horror Novellas Book 10)

16th- Recap- post about giveaway

31st- Wrap up post- Winner of giveaway

Wow, what a month! Hope you enjoyed all the posts and found some great new zombie reads!!