Sunday, April 24, 2022

New Spooky #Fiction Story, The Colored Lens


Don't ya just love that cover?? 

My latest short story, "Sweet Dreams" is in the Spring issue of The Colored Lens Magazine. Hoping they'll eventually put it up on the site... Get an issue here: Buy on Amazon.

Remember those childhood fears of what was under the bed? Well, here's a glimpse as to what really happens...  An eerie, spooky story. 

** Plus!!! Another story I really liked writing called "The Ghosts of Paris" has also been accepted at another place. This was inspired by something I read about the guillotines in Paris... 

I'm loving writing these ghostly tales and seem to be do better with spur-of-the-moment ideas. Stay tuned as I have others I'm working to finish/rewrite and send out! I seem to be on a roll as this is the most I've sold in quite a while!