Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Pre-Reveal of the GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie cover and game

Ok... it's time!!!!

I love surprises - and I love games. So.....

As the book is now in the arc (advance reading copy) process, I have a preliminary cover to reveal for my upcoming zombie book,  GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie.

Now, the color may here a touch different than the real thing and there might be a couple very small changes made yet, but otherwise this is it....

For fun, I decided to turn this into a little game so, no, you won't see the whole thing at once. Heh-heh-heh....  I'm revealing it in pieces....

(* Come back 4/3 for the next set of pieces)

RULES: Over the next few weeks, at least once to twice a week, I'll reveal two to three of the cover pieces by number. What you have to do is virtually assemble the cover and tell me the numbers of the pieces in order.  It won't be as hard as it sounds.

What's in it for you: 

1.  Win a pre-pub pdf. 
2. If you can wait until it comes out (probably August) you can get a print book (US shipping only) or ebook.

** You MUST do all 3 simple steps to be included in contest:

1. Take a peek at the revealed cover pic pieces here at the GirlZombieAuthors blog, and comment on it at the blog.
2. Follow the blog. -- Follow the Facebook page for GIRL Z. (see rafflecopter link below)
3. Sign up via the Rafflecopter below and put your final list of numbers in (on the last day). You're included if you do the 3 steps.  (Be sure to leave an email or website to contact you if you win.)

Ok? Fun. Fun! Thanks for following and joining in!!!

Synopsis - 

Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Herrera Hayes faces every teenager's biggest nightmares: bad skin, bad hair, and worse . . . turning into one of the living dead.

Becca's life changes forever when her cousin Spence comes back to their small Wisconsin town carrying a deadly secret—he's becoming a zombie, a fate he shares with her through an accidental scratch.

The Z infection, however, has mutated, affecting younger persons like her, or those treated early enough, differently. Now she must cope with weird physical changes and habits no girl wants to be noticed for. Then she meets Gabe, a good-looking part-Z like her, and fears falling for him. After all, how can he, who shows hardly any Z symptoms, be interested in someone like her?

But time is running out... Becca needs his help as she and her cousin Carm search for their missing mothers and fight off hungry Zs.

Most of all, she needs to find something, anything, to stop this deadly transformation before it is forever too late...

Here are the first 3 of 10 pieces ----- So what do you think????




Friday, March 29, 2013

Who Wants to Party?

April is a HUGE month for me. I have 4 books coming out.

1. Mr. Chocolate and the Magic Js (children's, eTreasures, April 1) - under the pen name J.D. Pooker

2. Wucaii (adult, Muse it Up Publishing, April 12)

3. The Ifs (middle grade, Little Devil Books, April 23) - under the pen name J.D. Pooker

4. There's a Monster in Mommy's Tummy (children's, eTreasures, April 29) - under the pen name J.D. Pooker

To celebrate, I am having a month-long giveaway!

Each week, I will give away a gift certificate for the publisher that is putting out a book, with the exception of one week when I will give away copies of my story "The History of My Wishes."

You will also be able to sign up for a grand prize drawing that will occur at the end of the month (May 4th to be exact, since Tummy doesn't come out until the 29th), which will be a copy of the book you sign up for.

Starting next Monday, watch for instructions on how to sign up for the weekly prizes and the month-end giveaway on my blog and website

Let's PARTY!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soon to be Targeted by Homeland Security

It all started on a trip to World Fantasy Con in San Francisco, where I got the splendid idea to set my next Zombie Exterminator novel there.  I had a bunch of great ideas of zombie vignettes at different tourist sites, but no overarching evil zombie plot to make a novel out of.  Later that week, my brother-in-law, who worked for Chevron in Richmond, suggested the refinery would make a great location for a zombie attack.

I started the book, I Left My Brains in San Francisco.  It had it all—romance, intrigue, environmentalism…Zombies!  All I needed was to plot the attack on the refinery.  However, suddenly, my brother-in-law took a trip to Kansas (or so they said).  Months of not returning my phone calls—had someone silenced him?

My book in peril, I nonetheless made the journey to WorldCon-Renovations, where I met the mysterious Figment.  Figment had knowledge of chemical plants and emergency procedures, and was only too glad to share it just for the fun of planning a zombie attack.  Like Deep Throat, Figment shall remain anonymous, possibly until after my or his/her/its death.

Thus armed, I returned home to write—but visualizing the locale stalled me.  My brother-in-law, meanwhile had been promoted (or had he?) and moved to Los Angeles, so I sought a local source for some information about refinery set-up and logistics.  Greg Hardy, manager of State Government Affairs, Rocky Mountain Region, of Chevron, spent a wonderful and informative hour or so with me on the phone giving me ideas on layout and operations…which I totally reworked to fit my refinery.  Naturally, I also tossed in some clich├ęs of every cop show that ever had a fight in a refinery—it’s that kind of book.

The final attack on the refinery is awesome fun—but I just know, if zombies ever do rise up and attack Richmond, Homeland Security will come knocking on my door.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh Zombie, lend me an ear....

Okay, I can't resist. Gotta have at least one gross zombie post a week, so how about this trinket?

Doesn't everyone need a severed zombie ear keychain?  Realistic enough to gross you out... this weird zombie gift is made of resin and is only $11.95.

 Or if you want it cheaper, you could get the real thing and.... no, that's waaaay too gross. haa!

Be sure to come back to the blog this Saturday 3/30 for the beginning of the cover reveal and game for my zombie book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zombie Games Four - to live or let die?

Writing this book has been tough and I'm still debating on how to end it. This is the fourth in the series (beginning with Zombie Games (Origins)) and I've come to love the characters and to say goodbye, well, it's almost  like losing a bunch of really close-knit friends. That being said, I guess I will have to really listen to those voices in my head- Cassie's, Allies, Paige's, Henry's, and even Kristie's. Is the game over or will I need to create higher levels?

I know my readers are enjoying the books and keep asking for more, so there is also that factor to consider. Being a "Walking Dead" fan, I just want to keep watching more...more...more...and the thought of that television series ending would be a real bummer.

Anyway, I have made a commitment to finish the fourth installment of Zombie Games, Road Kill, so that it is available for sale on Friday, April 12, 2013 for a special promotional price of $.99 ( the Ebook, that weekend only).  Watch for it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

Monday, March 25, 2013

Meet Zombie Doll Artist Kamila Mlvnarczvk of Woodedwoods

By Christine Verstraete

Today you're in for a treat, after admiring her work on her Facebook page, I asked Ontario sculptor and artist Kamila Mlvnarczvk of Woodedwoods to share some details about her original sculpted zombie and "monster" dolls.

(Photo: Girl in Mourning, Festive Dead Christmas Ornament)

This Polish-born artist says she was always in love with creating in art and soon realized it was all she wanted to do. She attended art school and got a degree in illustration, but found  herself at odds with her chosen field of work. Then she discovered art dolls.

(Photo: collage of various dolls)

"I felt very lukewarm about my options since I was horrible at doing what people told me to do," she admits, "and that was in essence what being an illustrator was. I discovered art dolls by accident on the internet and I become fascinated and really obsessed with them. And that's where I'm at today. I think that if I didn't discover doll making as an art form I would have ended up as a lousy freelancer and probably settled for something else."

(Photo: The Festive Dead, Christmas ornament)

She picked up some clay eight years ago and began to see what she could make, which she admits, wasn't easy at first.

 "I had zero experience in sculpting and costume design, all I had was a love of drawing," she explains. "Somehow I managed to overlook my first dozen or so crappy dolls because I was just so fascinated that I could take my doodles and make them real, in 3-D. I just worked and worked and worked and I started noticing that my dolls were looking good, almost saleable."

Kamila began selling her dolls two years later. "I was delighted that people wanted to take my dolls home and display them, so that served as another motivation to keep improving my quality."

What makes her work so compelling is that what some may call "gruesome" becomes unique and charming in her hands. Why does she she sculpt these zombies or "monsters"?

"...Because I think they are sympathetic creatures that are far most interesting than traditional dolls," she says. "You can see more pain and humanity in a monster's face than any old blank eyed smiling dolly."

(Photo: Eunice Brown and her apples - read about her on the website gallery page)


While her work is uniquely her own, inspiration can come from an old photo, a piece of vintage fabric, or a wonderful art doll.  

"I am often inspired by searching out other doll artists,  just seeing all the different styles, ideas and craftsmanship really inspires me to experiment with my own dolls a lot," she says. " I think that everyone I have encountered as a doll maker has given me something to think about.

"My other influences are often wonderful bits of fabric I find, antiques, old Victorian photographs, and beautifully illustrated children's books. I am most inspired when I am doing mundane tasks and let my mind drift. I usually keep notepaper around so that I can jot down ideas and pictures in my head so I don't forget. This all goes into an idea book I keep, so I have never really found myself without an idea because I can always go back to the many ideas I haven't yet used. Its my greatest resource."

 (Photo: Zombie Girl Collette)

The dolls, hand-sculpted of ProSculpt polymer clay, vary in size from 5 inches for the smaller ornaments, to about 25 inches for larger figures.

It can take about a week for her to make a doll, but she doesn't have a firm time frame. As a stay-at-home mom, she works on them when she can.

Luckily for collectors, that is often enough that her little (and bigger) creations have now found homes around the world. "My dolls have seen more than I have," she jokes.

In following her artistic dream, Kamila says the main thing she learned was to not be afraid to take risks.

"The most important lesson I have learned is just to make what you want, don't let conventions and tradition hold you back," she says. "If you don't take risks you'll never be satisfied and there will be something missing from your work. The only roadblock should be your skill in being able to create what you imagine and that can easily be overcome with practice."

(Photo: Sister Catalina Maria Bocconcini - read the story about her 
and some of the other dolls at Kamila's website)


Friday, March 22, 2013

Wild About Zombies!

Remember last week when I said everyone was getting on the zombie bandwagon?  I wasn't joking.  Even Top Gear is getting into the action.  Last week, they aired an episode where they built an apocalypse car. 
(If nothing else, it'll make you want an MRAP!) Granted, it wasn't zombie specific, but it highlighted things to be aware of at the end of the world that could apply.

The most important things to consider no matter how the world ends are:

1.  Shelter
2.  Supplies
3.  Defense

While a car might not be the best way to spend the end of days (especially when gas becomes scarce), it wouldn't be that bad either.  It would keep you moving and away from danger.  If you had the right vehicle, it could take you places others couldn't follow.  You could pretend to be Mad Max.  (C'mon!  The world has ended, you need to do something for fun!)

What do you think?  Would you spend the end of the world in a car or find more permanent shelter?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sometimes, competence is more fun

When I first started writing I Left My Brains in San Francisco, I thought I wanted to pit Neeta against a powerful, take-charge jerk who was screwing things up.  The idea was that she’d lost some of her confidence, and she’d get it back to stop him from killing people.  Storm Mattherson was supposed to be in charge of the Richmond Zombie-Municipal and Tactical operations, and he was more interested in treating it like a military op than a zombie extermination, and Neeta would have to take him down a few pegs.

Unfortunately, when it came time to imagine and write the scene, I couldn’t do it.  Not only did Neeta refuse to organize the living while there were undead to kill, but Storm came off as a bad copy of every incompetent hotheaded commander you’ve ever seen on television.

So I let Neeta stay in the support role.  Some of my critiquers didn’t like that, actually, because she doesn’t get to figure out the big conspiracy.  She can’t because she’s not in a place to have all the information.  In fact, there are a couple of people that figure it out at the same time, and who work together; one of whom turns out to be a rewritten, competent Storm Mattherson.

However, I did enjoy his ego, so I reworked some scenes.  I made him the guest speaker at the convention, where he blathers on about his grand plan to save Richmond from a zombie attack (his doctoral thesis).  I have him hounding reporters to get interviews.  Then, when one of the zombie experts calls him in the middle of the crisis with important information, he almost doesn’t take her call until he remembers that she’s that hot PhD from the conference—and he asks her out while she’s trying to give him vital information.  Nonetheless, his brilliant plan that so annoyed people actually works, and in the end, he’s hailed as a hero.

Storm was more fun when competent and egotistical than incompetent and overbearing—and the book flowed more freely.

Excerpt from I Left My Brains in San Francisco, starring Storm Mattherson!

Kelsey Gardenberger gave a wan smile as the Storm handed her his disk. The silver UVD had “Richmond Invasion Plans: Using Historical Tactics to Counter a Modern Threat” written in permanent marker. Below that, she read “By Doctor Storm Mattherson, Ph.D., Director, Richmond Z-Mat.” She could feel her eyes glazing over, and she hadn’t even opened the file.

“That’s your copy, of course,” Doctor Mattherson said. “so that you can review it before my presentation. Would you like to schedule an interview for directly afterward? If so, I’d like to be prepared to schedule a Q&A for the conference attendees at a later time.”

“We already talked about this before your opening speech.” In fact, he’d sought them out in the parking lot and followed them into the convention center.

Storm waved his hand in a dismissive motion. “We barely scratched the surface. It deserves greater attention. After all, most people only think about personal protection. Very few stop to consider the fascinating complexities of community defense. You said yourself it’s a unique angle.”

She glanced at her partner, but Ron just bit his lip and tried not to laugh. Oh, he was such a help in situations like this. “Actually, we’re pretty busy at this conference…”

“Oh, no worries, Kelsey…may I call you Kelsey? Kelsey, I took the liberty of including a file with some talking points. It’s only about three pages, doesn’t do the thesis justice, but when you’re pressed for time… There’re also some files with more personal information about myself—standard publicity package…”
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What to wear when fighting zombies

A post over at The Cheap about handbags and moods got me thinking....

Now like most women, I loooove purses, shoes, too, though, more often not not I end up with shoes that are super cute but they're hard to wear. So cute but they hurt!  Being short I prefer wedges and platforms, but they can't be too high. No more 3-4 inch heels for me!  They have to be all day wearable and easy to walk in. Lower heels are good for sandals, too.

Purses or handbags? No problem there usually unless they are: 1. too small. I like mine big but not quite suitcase sized. Being a freelance reporter besides an author, my purse has to fit assorted small things plus a calendar book (yes I prefer the write-in kind), and have room for a book to read (like GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, coming in August), a couple notebooks and my camera (a larger type) if I need it.

2. Without pockets. I feel uncomfortable if the bag doesn't have outside pockets for things I need access to - my glasses, pens and mints. Then I have to put a zipper pouch inside. Too often a pen dies and I have to dig for one in the middle of taking notes.

So, given that this is a zombie-related blog it got me thinking what would a girl prefer if she were in a zombie  infestation? I mean, yeah, ammo belts and straps across the shoulders would work, but let's be realistic - even a girl fighting zombies needs somewhere to put personal items she may need and a place to carry her weapons and ammo, right? Make it easier to haul it all around?

This messenger bag on Etsy has plenty of room for stuff, but since you're already seeing enough gore in real life, do you really want zombies as "art" on your bag too? Not that you'd really be looking at it much, of course. And after a while, I'd think looking at a Renoir or Rembrandt  might be more preferable?

Now this person on Etsy at Mokadesigntotes has the right idea - the tote is big and has lots of pockets. Thick, too; good for storing defense stuff. This gets an A for zombie fighting though the design is maybe too cutesy for this purpose.

So, just a couple ideas...

As for shoes, well, sneakers and athletic shoes or boots are good for running, but sturdy, steel-toed boots may be a better choice.

Or maybe a high-lace-up combat type boot would be better. Pretty they're not, but in this case, yeah, your mother would wear combat boots and like it. And she'd make you wear them, too.

** For fun, what are your favorite types of purses and shoes when you're not fighting zombies?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The best and worst places to be in a zombie apocalypse

As I sit here in Minnesota and watch the snow come down, an image of a zombie trying to move through two feet of icy, cold powder is enough to make me smile. Obviously the northern part of the U.S. wouldn't be an ideal place for zombies to survive as the elements would surely slow them down. Personally, I think I'd move to Alaska to hang with the grizzly, black, and polar bears, which might be great allies when it comes to dealing with the undead. Or, gulp, maybe it would backfire and they'd turn into ravenous bear-zombies. I think I'd still take that chance.

Places that I would definitely avoid in a zombie apocalypse would include California, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada because of the extreme heat in the summer. Not only would you have to deal with the loss of central-air, but the smell of decomposing and rancid bodies would be unbearable in one-hundred-and-twenty degree weather. Another horrible place to be in a zombie apocalypse would be a cruise ship. Can you imagine being stuck on a ship with nowhere to go but into the ocean? Sure, you could jump over the side and hope to survive with the sharks, but I don't know which decision would be scarier- trying to throw thousands of zombies off of a cruise ship or the danger lurking under the surface of the ocean.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Zombie News Round-up

Today, I thought I'd share a round-up of some interesting zombie news items I came across:

* Think zombies aren't real? Well... looks like scientists in New Mexico have created zombie cells that mimic real life movements. But this is on the nano level, so don't panic yet.

*  Why the zombie craze, you wonder? Zombie walks (or zombie runs) and the fascination with the undead are merely symptoms of society's unhappiness and discontent, claims a researcher from Clemson University.

** Do you agree or is that too obvious an assumption?

* Now even machines are acting up....

Oops! Looks like car maker Subaru is recalling "zombie cars" that may start on their own....

* See other "news" from the ZombieWorldNews... (which claims to be fictional and for entertainment. You were warned.)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Zombie Guns

It looks cool.  It's got everything you need: large clip to hold lots of ammunition and a chainsaw when you run out of bullets.  Sadly, though, this gun wouldn't be that practical in the zombie apocalypse.  Can you imagine how heavy it would be?  Not only do you have to carry that, along with ammunition, food, and water, but you'll need fuel to run the chainsaw.  Otherwise, it's worthless.

Everyone has jumped on the zombie bandwagon.  It's a great place to be.  There is ammunition tailored specifically for zombies.  There are a slew of guns out there that claim to be the best weapon when it comes to killing undead.  In truth, any gun is going to work just fine.  As long as you have ammunition for it and know how to use it, you're golden. 

One of the things I like to do when writing my books is research guns.  While any gun will work just fine, it's nice to showcase a new one or find something that hasn't been seen very often.  Plus, I like guns so I like to be informed.  All of the details might not make it into the novel (most readers really don't care about the specs of a gun.  Plus, it makes the book read like a manual when you put those in), but I have them in the back of my mind.

For example, Krista in Life After the Undead and Death to the Undead is quite partial to a Zigana T.  It's a great gun and looks cool.  By the way, that site is a great place to get gun information.  I've used it often.

I have to be careful while researching guns and not show them to my husband.  I'm pretty good about finding nice, reliable, expensive guns, and he thinks he needs them.  It's tough because I want them around when the zombies rise up, but guns are useless without ammunition.  I'd rather have a few good guns and spend the rest of my money on bullets.

While it's not going to make or break your story if you have the latest or newest guns, it's still worth doing a little research to see what's out there.  Like I said, there are a lot of "zombie" weapons, but not all of them are practical.  If you want your story to be "real," I suggest having weapons that are real.  Take the time to see what's out there.  If you get the chance, go shoot the gun to see what the recoil is like, how it feels in your hand.  If "real" doesn't figure into your story or what type of weapons your characters carry, then the sky is the limit, and guns like the one pictured above will work just fine!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Latest in Zombie Fighting Technology

The Zombie Exterminator novels take place in 2040, a time of manure-based fuels, Global Fattening, and the shambling undead.  For your pleasure, I present to you an excerpt from I Left My brains in San Francisco, in which we learn about the latest in zombie fighting technology.

"Kelsey Gardenberger here with Ron Potter on the DoCam, and we are the Zomblog.  We are at the ZomZeitgeber Expo floor, talking with Expo Man.  Hello, Expo Man!"

The fully suited, helmeted android twisted its head and said in a purposely mechanized voice, "Hello, Kelsey Gardenberger.  Hello, Zomblog viewers."   It raised its hand in a stiff wave.

Kelsey laughed.  "As you can see, Expo Man is running Retro Animation 2 for Animatronics.  You can download the freeware version by clicking the link on the sidebar.  Expo Man is also modeling the latest in extermination wear.  Expo Man, can you tell us what you have?"

The android paused while it whirred for a programmed one-point-five seconds; then it replied in a voice more reminiscent of the still running The Price is Right.  "That's right, Kelsey!  I am sporting the essentials for the well-prepared--and well-dressed--exterminator.  Starting with my head, I have a Motomania's Apocalypse 2000.  Sturdy and lightweight, with the latest in night vision--and an optional visor wiper!"

It touched a button on the side of its head and a small windshield wiper swiped the faceplate while cleaning fluid flowed from the top.

"Perfect for removing zombie gore--or when motorcycling through the foggy mornings of San Francisco!  Motomania's Apocalypse 2000. 

"My HazMat suit, courtesy of Sausalito Professional Wear, is a durable yet ecologically friendly blend of natural rubbers and synthetic polymers, combined with nanite technology.  Designed by Exterminator Outfitters' Edmund Acolyte, two-time winner of the International Golden Scissors, it moves like a dream while removing the bulkiness of most HazMat suits.  Nonetheless, it's also packed with pockets--front, back, hips and thigh--for easy access to those wonderful thrown distractions that the cunning exterminator uses--plus a Velcro-sealed pocket for your car keys.  Attractive and practical--that's Exterminator Outfitters.

"But no amount of headgear or suit safety will save you if your feet aren't protected.  That's why Go-lashes, Inc. has come up with their best footwear since the Stomp.  The Treads live up to their name, with even heavier, longer-lasting soles and improved arch support.  The redesigned sole provides an extra spring in your step.  Whether stalking the undead or running away like a ninny--better Tread than dead!

"Of course, you won't be running away if you're armed with the latest in extermination technology!  Let's begin with the ranged weapons."

The Ghostbusters theme, remixed by ZombieRoulette for the Belching Dragon Flamethrower Company, played out of Expo Man's chest as he reached behind his back and pulled out the nozzle of the flamethrower.  "You know who to call!  And when you need to take out a large group of zombies fast, there's nothing like good old-fashioned firepower.  The Belching Dragon series of flamethrowers has long been a favorite among exterminators, and this latest model is sure to please.  The Mark 9's longer nozzle contains plasma rifling to ensure a more targeted stream, while Belching Dragon's patented turbos provide extra thrust, increasing flame distance by up to five feet without sacrificing accuracy.  The onboard breeze meter is married to the computer to automatically adjust the plasma rifling to compensate for wind.  When the shambling undead threaten your territory, it's time to call in the Dragon."

As the theme music died out, Expo Man returned the flamethrower to its slot and raised its arm to show the tubing attached to its wrist and elbow.

"The power squirt gun has long been a standby in zombie extermination, but with Squirz, they'll soon be a thing of the past.  Why deal with bulky plastic when the automatic, air powered Squirz attaches neatly to the arm, yet sends a stream of your favorite zombie repellent up to twenty feet?  With a simple switch, you can set it from stream to spray.  The flexible plastic liquid containment pouch, or LCP, fits over the hips and across the back, allowing most operators to carry up to five gallons without strain."

Expo Man reached into his belt and pulled out a short cylindrical hilt.  He waved it around as he activated the switch in a classic Star Wars move.  A thin line of light unfolded from the hilt.

"Also new on the market, but becoming a fast favorite, are the monofilament swords.  Here's the Highlander Original.  Note the ergonomic design of the handle and easy-access thumb switch for turning it off and on.  The VEB, or visible electronic beam, that surrounds the blade has five standard color settings--or download your own favorite color.  Who says exterminators can't be fashionable?  Remember:  when the head must come away from the neck, you need the Highlander."

Expo Man whirred to a stop with a polycarbonate smile at Kelsey.  She returned it with a plastic one of her own.  "Um…no chainsaw?" she asked innocently, although she bit down on the sides of her lips in hidden mirth.

Expo Man straightened.  "I'm sorry, but after the Craftsmaster Demonstration Fiasco of 2046, animatronics have been forbidden to handle chainsaws in public areas."

Kelsey pursed her lips in a sympathetic pout.  "Of course.  Thank you so much, Expo Man.  Would you like to sign us out?"

"I thank you, Kelsey Gardenberger."  Expo Man turned toward the camera.  "This is Expo Man at ZomZeitgeber 2047, and you are watching the ZomBlog."
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