Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What to wear when fighting zombies

A post over at The Cheap about handbags and moods got me thinking....

Now like most women, I loooove purses, shoes, too, though, more often not not I end up with shoes that are super cute but they're hard to wear. So cute but they hurt!  Being short I prefer wedges and platforms, but they can't be too high. No more 3-4 inch heels for me!  They have to be all day wearable and easy to walk in. Lower heels are good for sandals, too.

Purses or handbags? No problem there usually unless they are: 1. too small. I like mine big but not quite suitcase sized. Being a freelance reporter besides an author, my purse has to fit assorted small things plus a calendar book (yes I prefer the write-in kind), and have room for a book to read (like GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, coming in August), a couple notebooks and my camera (a larger type) if I need it.

2. Without pockets. I feel uncomfortable if the bag doesn't have outside pockets for things I need access to - my glasses, pens and mints. Then I have to put a zipper pouch inside. Too often a pen dies and I have to dig for one in the middle of taking notes.

So, given that this is a zombie-related blog it got me thinking what would a girl prefer if she were in a zombie  infestation? I mean, yeah, ammo belts and straps across the shoulders would work, but let's be realistic - even a girl fighting zombies needs somewhere to put personal items she may need and a place to carry her weapons and ammo, right? Make it easier to haul it all around?

This messenger bag on Etsy has plenty of room for stuff, but since you're already seeing enough gore in real life, do you really want zombies as "art" on your bag too? Not that you'd really be looking at it much, of course. And after a while, I'd think looking at a Renoir or Rembrandt  might be more preferable?

Now this person on Etsy at Mokadesigntotes has the right idea - the tote is big and has lots of pockets. Thick, too; good for storing defense stuff. This gets an A for zombie fighting though the design is maybe too cutesy for this purpose.

So, just a couple ideas...

As for shoes, well, sneakers and athletic shoes or boots are good for running, but sturdy, steel-toed boots may be a better choice.

Or maybe a high-lace-up combat type boot would be better. Pretty they're not, but in this case, yeah, your mother would wear combat boots and like it. And she'd make you wear them, too.

** For fun, what are your favorite types of purses and shoes when you're not fighting zombies?

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