Friday, May 31, 2013

Plugging Right Along

Why is it the short weeks always seem so long?  I'm guessing it's because you have one less day to get everything accomplished.  This week has completely thrown me off.  Seriously, I almost forgot I needed to do a blog post this week.  My brain has gone squishy, so it has been very hard for me to think of something to write.  I feel like I need some new braaaaaains! :)

Progress on the latest novel has been going well.  I'm on chapter 5.  So far, I'm very happy about where the characters are taking me, and I'm excited to see where they need to go.  Now, if only there were more hours in a day to work...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Zombie Nation Webcomic

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the deranged and very funny mind of Carter Reid.  Yeah, he's a guy and not an author, but he writes a very funny cartoon where zombies and humans coexist...sort of.  You can see what I mean here:
Need it begger?

He has story lines and does some silly one-shots.  His comments about the comic of the day are almost as fun as the comic itself.  Check out more at

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New zombie stories, flash and food for thought

 Some new zombie stories:

Food for thought category: 

A new nonfiction story I did is at the Zombie-Fiction blog,
click link and weigh in.

Zombies for charity. Mentioned before, but it's now for sale with a new cover!

The Tall Book of Zombie Shorts (Volume One) (Zombiefest Charity Anthology) is now available for sale on Amazon, (Amazon links at end), Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords.

Proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Includes a new flash story, FATE, by me and stories by:

             Catt Dahman            A.J. Coleman

        Tonia Brown       T.L. Decay

     A.P. Fuchs        Rich Baker

     Saul Tanpepper          Mark Woods

Michelle Kilmer   Blake Ovard

C.A. Verstraete     

Edward P. Cardillo
Suzi M      
 Michael Fisher
Scotty Schrier     im M Wood
Nick Hatfield
Sean Liebling
Tristan Vick
Art Griswold
Anna Taborska
Nicole Hansen
Tammy Dunning

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Get Fit For The Zombie Apocalypse!

priceless Photos from Cody Skaggs

Being overweight is stressful enough, but it will also surely make you the easiest and most desirable target for a ravenous zombie. Fortunately, there are many Zombie Training Workout Tips all over the internet to help you lose some of your appeal to the creatures when they make their arrival.

With the right workout, you can gain the strength you'll need to wield weapons as well as the speed and endurance to run like hell. So, if you've been making excuses not to exercise but are one of those people preparing for the apocalypse, don't forget to include a daily workout to lengthen your odds of being an easy target.

 Now, I'm no fitness guru at all. My typical form of exercise is getting up from my writing to make coffee or check outside to make sure the zombies haven't arrived and are snacking on my kids. So, that being said, I've started a couple of challenges that I found on Facebook from Coach Sam which have definitely expanded my chair space and strengthened my upper-body strength, which I know will help me if the dead ever became the...undead.

They are very challenging for some of us, so do what you can and don't give up. I actually got my daughter Cassie, who's twelve, involved to motivate me. Obviously, these are only going to strengthen your muscles, (and raise your metabolism) so you should still include cardio during the week to burn more calories. Here is a thirty-day challenge which is VERY CHALLENGING for us easy-target people, but if you're up for trying it out, good luck!  For more tips visit Coach Sam on Facebook! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Zombie events, zombie walks, movie premiere and more

A Happy Memorial Day and Thanks to those who serve 
and those who sacrificed for all

Lest you think zombies aren't as popular as ever, all you have to do is look around to find a number of zombie events going on. Here are a few:

Some interesting zombie events coming up:

* June 1, Hartford, WI, Zombie Prom, "Terror on Rural Street"

* June 1, Sandwich, IL, First Chicago Zombie Run, 5k run

* June 1, Zombie Movie Premiere - Patio Theatre, Chicago ($5 online, $10 at the door)
Tickets and info for: "Dorothy Marie and the Unanswered Questions of the Zombie Apocalypse"

Production company Rogue Lumen offers a dramatic comedy about a young couple facing the first major crossroad in their relationship when a disease spreads nationwide overnight.

* See national zombie walks list at Death by Zombie

* June 20, Aug. 3, Apocalypse Training - Hertfordshire, UK

* June 22, Chicago Zombie March - downtown Chicago, starting at Millennium Park

* Various Locations to December: Zombie Run for Your Lives obstacle course
* June 1, Dallas;
June 22, Indianapolis, IN
July 8, New Jersey

* July 6 - Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk, Seattle

* July 12, Chicago Zombie Prom

* July 19-20, San Diego: Walking Dead Escape Obstacle Course

Zombie Race  -
August 18, Rehoboth, Mass.
Sept. 18, Long Island, NY II
Sept. 22, Ohio
Coming: New Jersey, Maryland

* Sept. 21, Byron, IL, Zombie Run for Your Lives

* Sept.28, Cincinnati, OH, Zombie Walk

* Oct. 12, Lakeland, FL, 2013 Zombiefest Resurrection

* Oct. 12, London, UK - World Zombie Day - zombie walk, etc.
 More than 50 cities to host their own walks.

* Oct. 26: San Antonio, TX, Zombie Con "Pandemia"

Upcoming 2014:
March 21, Orlando, FL, MegaCon zombie walk

May 17, Waukesha, WI - Zombie Mud Run

For Reference: Past Zombie Events:

* April 20, 2013: Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl

* April 27, Miami, FL, Zombie Run for Your Lives - Various locations: US map

* April 27, Mancato, MN, Zombie Run

* April 27, Nashville, TN, Promocalypse @ The Cannery

* Zombie Race -
April 28, Forney, TX; 5/5, Long Island NY
May 9 - Pennsylvania

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jonathan Maberry's Be a Zombie contest

Oh, this is cool! Stoker Award-winning author Jonathan Maberry (Rot & Ruin, Dead of Night, etc.) is offering a chance to be a zombie in the sequel to Dead of Night (which is one of my favorite books!)


I’m looking for a few good zombies!

I’m about to start writing FALL OF NIGHT, the sequel to my 2011 novel, DEAD OF NIGHT. It’ll be out next fall from St. Martin’s Griffin. Just as I did last time, I’m having a contest.

Deadline: June 15, 5pm, EST

The rules are simple: in one paragraph, tell me how you’d like to die in a zombie apocalypse.

I’ll pick three winners. Then I’ll write new versions of your death scenes (working them into the story).

Winners will get signed copies of the book, they’ll be thanked in the acknowledgements page of the novel, and I’ll interview you for my blog as part of the launch.

To enter: post your zombie death scene on Facebook or on his group page. Or email to and put ZOMBIE DEATH SCENE in the subject bar.

No limit on number of entries. Winners of previous contests can enter but if you were already killed, your name might be changed.

And... you get a famous death, not a share of the paycheck, he says.

Friday, May 24, 2013

It Begins

Over the weekend, I started working on my next zombie novel.  I'm a few pages into the second chapter.  It's been a little slow going because I've been so freaking exhausted this week.  However, I have some time off coming up, so I'm looking forward to really getting in to the story.

This particular novel is an expansion of a short story I have in the anthology So Long and Thanks for All the Brains

I always had the intention of turning this story in to a novel, it just took me some time to get around to it.  My original intention was to take the short story and drop it into the novel, but as I'm writing, things have changed.  My main character is deeper than originally conceived, the situations have changed slightly.  While I can still use some of the things I originally wrote, a lot of it is going to be expanded. 

Live, and Let Them Be Undead was a great outline and start for what this novel is going to be.  I'm very excited to see where the characters take me.  I'll keep you informed of my progress!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zombie Games You Might Enjoy

If zombie books and movies aren't enough for you, here are a couple of zombie games to play!

Give Me the Brain 3rd Edition
 GIVE ME THE BRAIN:  My family loves this one.  It's a fast-moving card game with the idea that you are zombies running a restaurant, but you only have one brain to share.  Don't know if the customers are happy, but you do have to keep things moving as you follow tasks on the cards, fight for the brain, and try to empty your hand first.  The pictures and captions are what really makes it fun!

ZOMBIES!!!  I've not played this one, but it's worth checking out, I think.  The manufacturer says: Zombies puts you in the middle of the action as you try to escape the ever advancing zombie horde. Players must use a combination of wits and brawn to be the first to the heliport and certain escape. The only problem is, the zombies are everywhere, they appear to be very hungry and your opponents would really prefer if you didn't escape.

Get the kids and have some non-video game fun this summer!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meet Max from zombie book, CURE, from the Strandville Series

Today, we have a meet-my-zombie-character post featuring Max Reid from author Belinda Frisch's zombie books, CURE and AFTERBIRTH from the Strandville zombie series.

  In CURE (A Strandville Zombie Novel), medicine meets horror in this thrilling escape tale about the evil men do in the name of progress. 

(**Runner-up in the General Fiction category of the 2012 Halloween Book Festival - BOOK ONE of the Strandville Zombie Series)

Welcome to the Nixon Healing and Research Center, playground for the maniacal Dr. Howard Nixon whose medical research has him dabbling in the undead and has the women of Strandville disappearing.

Desperate to find a cure for the lethal virus which turns its victims into zombies, Nixon kidnaps Miranda Penton, a security recruit with a past that won't let her go. He doesn't count on anyone coming looking for her, least of all her ex-husband, Scott. Scott and the locals, determined to bring their loved ones home, hatch a plan that releases not only the surviving women, but the virus on those left in the hospital. The town of Strandville is ground zero for the zombie apocalypse and Miranda must get free because the fate of humanity lies with her unborn child.
In Afterbirth (A Strandville Zombie Novel), The survivors of the Nixon Center struggle in a  post-apocalyptic world where the walking dead aren't the biggest threats. Working from a remote, mountain cabin, Dr. Howard Nixon is determined to salvage what is left of his experiment. All roads lead back to Strandville where grudges resurface and old decisions must be answered for. Scott, Miranda, and Dr. Michael Waters return to the center to face-off against their pasts, and each other, as Michael's secret agenda comes to light.

What I like best about my character, Max Reid, is his unflinching resolve, his determination, and his irresistible wickedness. I know it’s strange that I pick my villain, but after featuring him in the genesis prequel, “Payback,” which you can find for free here, I got to know him better and he’s now one of my favorites.

 Max Reid couldn't be a more evil henchman. A man with a secretive, dark past, he enjoys instilling fear and doesn't hesitate to give Zach, a new Nixon Center recruit, a first day hazing. The Nixon Center's basement houses several walking dead, all requiring sustenance and care to be in shape for Nixon's reproductive experimentation. Zach struggles to learn the routine.

"A couple of hours earlier, Zach would have believed that no one could be worse to spend time with than Nixon. He would have been wrong.

Max Reid was every ex-convict stereotype Zach’s mind could conjure. His close-cropped hair did nothing to conceal the black ink tattoo of a pistol and a silencer that wrapped around the side of his head, one of dozens of amateurish tattoos supporting the assumption that Reid was a criminal. Ropes of toned muscle strained the fabric of his short-sleeved uniform shirt and at six feet, four inches tall, a good eight inches taller than Zach, Reid’s formidable presence intimidated.

Ex-military. Ex-convict. Nixon covered his bases.

“Hey, Keller, you know the difference between a soldier and a murderer?”

Zach inventoried the ink on Reid’s neck and arms--a confederate flag, a Bowie knife, skulls, a grenade, and a crucifix--and decided that no matter what Reid’s answer was, he wouldn’t argue. He adjusted his holstered pistol to validate that he was a man with options.

Reid forced his arm across the doorway of the small kitchenette and blocked Zach from entering. He stared intensely and cracked a malice-laden grin. “I asked you a question.”

Zach stood strong. “I don’t know. What’s the difference between a soldier and a murderer?” He couldn’t conceal his annoyance and expected the next words out of Reid’s mouth to be incredibly stupid.


Stupid didn’t quite cover it. Reid’s thinly veiled attempt at comparing the two of them was both insulting and wrong. Zach held his tongue, but if he had any doubts about Reid’s jaded past, this “first day in the prison yard” mentality put them to rest.

Reid leaned into the jamb, his muscles flexing, and waited for a response. After a minute of not getting one, he took his arm away and grinned. “Nixon tells me you’re the new zoo keeper.”

“Excuse me?” Zach’s head ached, he guessed from the rise in his blood pressure he attributed to Reid.

“The Ids. Nixon says you want to know what they eat. He says to let you feed them.”


“ Ids. You know, ‘infecteds’. Nixon hates it when you call them zombies.” Reid raised the lid of a small chest freezer and withdrew a large, red bag labeled ‘biohazard’. “This is where we keep the parts.” He took a hunk of disarticulated leg, a length that extended from knee to foot, from the bag. “They like their meat warm.”

The dark blanket of hair covering the calf said it had belonged to a man.

Reid pointed to a solid metal bone saw hanging by its handle from a hook on the wall. “Hand me that, would you?”

Zach took it down and slid it across the counter. Whatever was about to happen, he’d recently seen worse. Still, the prospects made him squeamish."

** Read more about Reid and the doomed inhabitants of Strandville in “Cure” and "Afterbirth," both available on all platforms.




Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zombie Fun For Everyone

Zombies aren't just for adults. Everywhere you look you'll find zombie stuffed animals, zombie lunch boxes, and even slippers. So the next time you're shopping for new gift ideas for yourself or the kids, don't pass up some of these fun little items found on Amazon and many other online retailers. I for one would love the Plants vs Zombies figurines.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Meet Becca from upcoming zombie book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie

It's about time I introduced you to Rebecca Herrera Hayes, or Becca, as she prefers to be called. She's the 16-year-old protagonist from my upcoming book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, coming in August.  (See the prologue and chapter one download, and preorder links above.)

First thing you'll notice are Becca's eyes, of course, but shh, not a  peep! She's kind of sensitive about her one eye which "pings around like a pinball machine" ever since she got infected by the Z virus, thanks to her other cousin sharing his secret with her through an accidental scratch.

Now Becca has all these weird quirks and a new life to get used to. Not that being a part Z is ever easy. Luckily, a woman came up with this awesome makeup, "Girls Like Us," (which Becca really thinks should be called "Ghouls Like Us") and helps with some of the more "stubborn Z traits." A little swipe of "Ghoul Girl Pink" on her lips and some blue eyeshadow and she feels, well, almost normal again. A little.

Then her other cousin Carm's friend Jesse arrives with his good-looking, part Z brother Gabe. Becca is skeptical when Gabe shows an interest in her, given all her weird quirks and him looking near normal. But he tries to help her cope with all the changes - physical and emotional - that being a part Z includes. And, to her surprise, Becca finds herself looking at him in a new light...

Despite Becca's crankiness and spurts of anger, which Gabe claims is "normal for us" during their adjustment, he understands - he sees her heart. To Becca's amazement he doesn't turn away from her, even when he sees some of her darkness inside.

He hopes, and sees how things can be, something Becca must accept and face if they are going to have any kind of future, together. And after awhile, this is something she actually allows herself to think about... Will she succeed?

Some Fun Facts about Becca:

1. She shouldn't wear certain colors. "I can't wear green, for obvious reasons."
2. She loves Tamales and Enchiladas and chocolate and...
3. She's close to her family, her aunt (Tia) Imelda, her mother, and cousins Carm and Spence, though Spence is the one who comes home carrying a deadly secret - and changes her life forever...
4. She collects Day of the Dead figurines.
5. She is not a perfect student.
6. She thinks her life is over when she's infected with the Z virus... but it isn't...
7. She dreams of being a model or TV broadcaster, though her dreams change once she's infected. Her new goal? "Maybe I can become the first Z broadcaster, like Oprah, except I'll never be cancelled..."

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another new Zombie Movie - This is the End

Just saw that another zombie movie is coming out - THIS IS THE END


Six friends are trapped in a house after a series of strange and catastrophic events devastate Los Angeles. As the world unravels outside, dwindling supplies and cabin fever threaten to tear apart the friendships inside. Eventually, they are forced to leave the house, facing their fate and the true meaning of friendship and redemption.

STARRING:  Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, James Franco and Emma Watson

Well didn't see a zombie in the trailer though they're mentioned... start is well... maybe sophomoric humor? The first apocalyptic scene and the sinkhole look cool... 

(I still say the World War Z movie looks cool, even if the word is that there's been problems and many changes but the author,  Max Brooks, (didn't realize he was the son of Mel Brooks), who grew up in Hollywood, says that films not being true to the book is not unusual and to be expected...) 

Friday, May 17, 2013

In Tune with (Zombie) Fashion

Yesterday, my spouse and I got onto the topic of fashion.  It's a long story of why, but it got me to thinking about trends in general.  I'm not one who cares about the latest thing or what people are wearing.  I want to wear what I'm comfortable in.  I'm not out to set trends.

The same can be said about my writing.  Advice givers always say that you shouldn't write for trends, and you really shouldn't.  Write what you want to write.  Your passion and excitement will flow through your words and draw the reader in, even if your story isn't "in."  Besides, who can predict what's "in" and what isn't?  How many people do you think copied J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer after their books hit the bestseller list and gained world popularity?  How many of them are are being talked about at the moment? 

When I was writing my YA zombie books, I wasn't writing to be a part of the trend.  It just happened to be going on at the same time.  And even though the trend was going on when I was shopping my stories around, I didn't land a huge publishing contract.  I didn't have movie producers flocking to my door.  I bet a lot of other zombie authors didn't either.  Does that mean our stories are bad or poorly written?  Maybe, but more than likely not.  More than likely is has to do with market saturation.  Trends grow old pretty quickly. 

I wrote about zombies because I like to write about zombies.  I'm sure I'll continue to write about the walking dead long after the trend has gone out of style, and I would bet most other zombie authors would tell you the same thing.  There will always be readers out there who want to read about the undead.  They might not be mainstream, but that doesn't mean there is something wrong with them. 

My point is that whether it's fashion or writing or whatever, there will always be people out there who are on the cutting edge.  They'll always seem to have the "right" stuff.  That's fine.  More power to them.  I hope that makes them happy.  Me, I'm fine with being a little dumpy or behind the times.  I'd rather wear and write what I'm comfortable in.  I hope readers want to read whatever makes them happy, even if it's not the latest trend. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Country Music Meets the Zombie Apocalypse

My husband comes home from Iraq in THREE DAYS, so I'm busy getting ready.  I love this song, so I thought I'd share with you.  Get ready for earworms!

In case you want to sing along:

To Whom it May Concern

To whom it may concern my name is Mugfred Leon Guy
I raise a few head of cattle out past the county line
I’m writing to you about some strange hap’nin’s
People been wanderin’ ‘round the fields out back
I’ve reason to believe we are under attack
And I thought you oughta know

I see ‘em, out there all the time
Way out beyond my property line
People come out the woods day and night
Walking ‘round in circles like they ain’t right

Shambling around like they’re going nowhere
Looking at the ground with a funny stare
They’s a bunch a zombies I swear
And I have to admit I’m a little scared

Cause there's big ‘uns, small ‘uns, old ‘uns, young ‘uns
All size zombies they just keep coming
I think it’s time that we did something
Before it’s just too late

So you know we gotta…
Get ready gotta make preparations
For the impending zombie invasion
Just like the movies on my television
They’ll be coming for my brain I reckon
How many of ‘em?  Who can tell?.
I can’t hold ‘em all off by myself
You boys gotta send me some help

Sincerely Mug L. Guy

To whom it may concern I wrote you just a few weeks past
Since then our zombie situation has deteriorated fast
I hid myself out by the woods
To try and get a better look if I could
And what I seen don’t look good
And I thought you oughta know

You see the zombies much to my surprise
Were carrying space-age, hand-held devices
They kept pointing ‘em up at the sky
Calling out coordinates the whole time

They’re aliens I’m sure of it
Communicating with the mother ship
They finally found some sort of box they’d hid
They pulled it out and opened it

I got scared so I ran away
I barely escaped with my life that day
We got to save the human race
Before it’s just too late

So you know we gotta…
Get ready gotta make preparations
For the alien zombie invasion
Just like the movies on my television
They’ll be coming for my brain I reckon
How many of ‘em?  Who can tell?.
I can’t hold ‘em all off by myself
You boys gotta send me some help

Sincerely Mug L. Guy
To whom it may concern things went from bad to worse real quick
I went out tonight to try and find that box them aliens hid
I found it by the pale moonlight
Opened it up and looked inside
What I seen would blow your mind
And I thought you oughta know

You see it had a log of alien activity
Hundreds had signed in already you see
Turns out its way worse than I thought it’d be
They’re hiding these things all across the country

Seems they’re from a planet called Geocaching
They exchange in their own strange currency
And talk in codes like TFTC
I figured that means “Time For The Calamity”

And they was talking about some kinda traveling bugs
Moving all around the world and if that’s not enough
They had dog tags with evil-looking spiders on ‘em
Right under our noses thousands of ‘em

They’s an army of insect creatures building
We need to be ready.  We gotta be strong.
‘Cause the bugs is a coming and it won’t be long
Before it's just too late.

So you know we gotta…
Get ready gotta make preparations
For the alien zombie bug invasion
Just like the movies on my television
They’ll be coming for our brains I reckon
How many of ‘em?  Who can tell?
I can’t hold ‘em all off by myself
You boys gotta send me some help

Sincerely Mug L. Guy
P.S. Can you do something ‘bout my neighbor’s dog.  It keeps me up all night.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cover redesign for Zombie Games

After many comments about my old cover resembling the famous "Tomb Raider" actress or it being a high school guy's wet dream, I asked Regina Wamba of Mae I Design (who is also a fellow Minnesotan) to help me revamp it as well as the other books in the series. Not only does the new cover on the right have a grunge appearance much more fitting for a zombie book, in my mind the girl resembles the true character in the story that I've created. One of the coolest aspects of the cover is the model herself, Regina Wamba (who normally doesn't appear on her covers). A few weeks before I'd made the final decision to change it, I'd come across the original picture of her on Facebook and immediately emailed her, asking if I could use it for Zombie Games, and she agreed, saying she'd be happy to be my zombie slaying heroine. She also explained the importance of "branding" when it comes to creating a series of books, which I never really considered before-

Per Regina -

"Today, identity and branding are all the buzz. Because we live in a digital world, every Tweet, Facebook post, blog post and press release helps to reinforce your brand. As a graphic designer, one of my roles is to help you get “the look” crafted for your business so that everything you publish online, your business mailing pieces and all your printed marketing collateral hangs together in a unified way."

And she's knows what she's talking about because some of her awesome covers have helped launch some of the Bestsellers on Amazon and the New York Times. If you're an author and are looking to enhance your book sales, I totally recommend contacting her to see what she has to offer. Not only did she help me create more of a buzz for my vampire book,"Blur", but she is one of the sweetest gals you'd ever want to work with. I have to say that I'm pretty excited to find out what this cover will do for my Zombie Games series.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zombies in the where you step

You know not to go outside, right? They're everywhere.

These crack me up....

The first zombie gnome is from Lawn of the Dead on Etsy (love the name!) The others? Well, looks like something got loose in the gnome community.  haaaa!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Girl Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie Linkpalooza Giveaway!

Okay, zombie fans,  Let's Celebrate a Linkpalooza Giveaway!!! 

What is that, you ask? 

Well.... celebrating two things - You can now PRE-ORDER GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie at your favorite online sites!!!  (see below)

 * IndieBound      * Powell's 


I got my beautiful new bookmarks!!!   

Ain't that reason enough to celebrate???? Keep reading now...

So....Let's have a giveaway!

Okay, we'll make this easy - first - if you haven't, please go LIKE my Facebook page -

Next: the first 10 to comment ON THIS BLOG  - I'll mail you a bookmark and email you the full size of this cool zombie wallpaper.... (be sure I know where to email you)

** Even Better: **

The first five to comment here and email me (chrisATcverstraeteDOTcom) a receipt showing you pre-ordered the book will get the bookmark, emailed wallpaper, and some neat zombie stickers! 

Have fun!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New zombie bookmarks for GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie book

Yay! Just got my bookmarks for GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie. Aren't they cool?? (minus the fingerprint of course!)

The black is glossy in front which is kind of neat. Stay tuned for a giveaway with some other stuff. Happy-Happy!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Zombie Points of View

The other day at work, my coworkers and I were stuffing envelopes with reports to mail out.  My one coworker, Tamara, who also happens to be a writer, and I got on the topic of zombies.  She asked me how I felt about the recent trend of creating stories from the zombie's perspective. 

Honestly, it doesn't bother me.  It's another viewpoint in a genre that has been done for a long time.  It's meant to change things, shake up the mundane.  Personally, I think if it can be done well, do it.  However, I think the normal definitions of "zombie" would have to change.  After all, being inside a creatures head that thinks about nothing but braaaaaains or doesn't think at all, that's going to get boring really fast.

I then mentioned that I personally would probably never do a story like that because I'm a purist.  The only zombies I write about are George Romero zombies.  And then I had to stop myself and backtrack.  The next zombie story I'm going to write has zombies who aren't traditional.  They have the ability to think and be trained, much like Bub.   

I got to thinking about the zombie genre and how us authors try to keep things fresh and exciting.  It made me realize that there's nothing wrong with the "traditional" stories, but it's also going to be fun to explore a whole new side to the zombie.  Heck, even George Romero toyed with the idea of smart zombies.  The bottom line is if it can be done well, if you enjoy doing it, do it.  Who's to say what you're doing is wrong? 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Josie Gump on Keeping Zombies "Fresh"

Josie Gump in Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator mistakenly believed her late Jebadiah, who came back from the grave to plop himself in the easy chair to demand beer and watch Jerry Springer, was somehow still a person, but “life-challenged.”  She'd like to share that story with you today.  May I present, Mrs. Josie Gump:

Well, this is all rather personal, but the Zombies Are People, Too Movement asked me about I was “keeping things fresh” with Jebediah.  No one’s ever asked me for my housekeeping tips, before, and well, Jeb didn’t much care about the house as long as the food was ready when he got home, the beer was cold, and the TV screen clean.

Anyways, I have to admit, it has been a challenge.  At first, it seemed all right—easier, even.  Death has changed him, you see, and while I don’t want to talk bad about nobody, Jeb used to keep tight hold of the money.  Now, though—now, I tell him I want a little extra for new curtains or a better broom, and he just grunts his assent.  And he did show up kind of dirty from digging himself out of the grave, but he didn’t have any problem with me sweeping him off with the whisk broom.  Just so long as I didn’t get between him and the TV, of course.

It’s gotten worse, though.  First, that reporter mentioned a smell.  I thought he meant the house!  I threw him out, even sic’ced Pinky on him.  I’m so embarrassed now, because he was right.  I’ve kind of run through most of the commercially available products.  In desperation, I even tried B to Z FreshAire.  I mean, it says “Bathrooms to Zombies.”  Jeb did not like that!  One spray, and he started groaning, was so mad!  I threw it out.  Later, I found out, it’s zombie repellant!  How horrible is that?  I’m so glad for ZAPT; they’re trying to make that poison illegal.  Anyway, there’s this expensive stuff called Orange Blaze that gets your house all citrusy, but it’s expensive, so if you can’t afford it, lots of Freedbreezy works.

Another unfortunate problem with the “differently living” is, well, insects.  I tried the natural methods—mint, basil, and lavender—but I finally had to break down and get some repellant.  I worry about the dogs, but at least my Jeb never leaves his chair.  I mean, even if I have to run an errand, he just waits so patiently for his next beer!  It’s really a change; he just so gentle now.  Of course, I’d be glad for any suggestions.  I think there are some creatures making a home inside the chair.  I’m so embarrassed.  I’d call an exterminator, but they all seem to specialize in zombie extermination, now.  I have to think of my Jeb.

In the end, it wasn’t the challenge of keeping Jeb fresh that drove Josie over the edge.  She finally turned off the TV in the interest of keeping their marriage “fresh,” whereupon Jeb tried to eat her brains and she realized he’d lied to her again.  She went after him with the shotgun, then sold her home, packed up the dogs and became a spokeswoman for “Zombies Are People-NOT!”

Conclusion:  While there are probably as many ways to keep zombie stories fresh as there are writers, keeping the zombies themselves fresh is quite a challenge.

Purchase links:

Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator :
I Left My Brains in San Francisco:
Learn more about the Zombie Exterminator novels at
Find out about all of Karina Fabian’s books at

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First annual Charity Zombie Anthology, The Tall Book of Zombie Shorts

   Out now! The Tall Book of Zombie Shorts is an anthology complied by Gary Munford as part of the first Zombiefest on Facebook.

The anthology features a range of zombie stories from various authors, including a zombie flash story, FATE, by yours truly, C.A. Verstraete.

The ebook is free for a limited time and then will be on sale to benefit injured veterans via the Wounded Warrior Project so be sure to donate if you can.

For now, you can download a file at (be sure to click the download button at right of title on page, not in the ad  below it.)


* AZW file    * EPub file     * Mobi file    * PDF file

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zombie Books On Audio

Love zombies but don't have a lot of time to read? Don't really like to read? Would rather have someone else read to you? You can get a lot of your favorite zombie books on audio. In fact, one of my books, Zombie Games (Origins) is now available on AND you can find many others that can be downloaded to your phone, iPad, ebook, etc. Listen while you're walking, biking, driving, running from zombies. Check it out!

                                                   Now available on 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Where to go when you have to hide from Zombies

            Sometimes, yes, you have to be quiet. 

  Decided to satisfy my curiosity one day and looked up places to hide from zombies during an attack.

Yes, people actually wrote about this.... Even the Huffington Post mentioned it, referring to the five best parks to hide out in during a zombie apocalypse. Okay. (Actually some pretty places I wouldn't mind going to otherwise.)

Makes sense - pick areas less populated, more isolated, less likely to have lots of zombies. (But then if it's a popular camping/nature area, all you need is one person to get infected to ruin it, right?) also had this part funny-part serious Guide to Zombie Survival

The best advice? Use your head if you want to keep it. haaaaa! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zombie viruses and zombie shorts...

Saw this and thought, who needs to worry about a Z virus when you've got these idiots in labs, right?

 Chinese Researchers Develop New Virus in Veterinary Lab - crossing bird flu with human influenza

And.... I am also participating in A Story a Day for May, so I am posting zombie flash stories (what else?) over at my Candid Canine blog. See day 1.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Feeling Like a Zombie

Man, I've been so busy lately, I feel like the walking dead.  Work has been very stressful and things have been busy on the editing front.  I finished the first draft of my newest YA novel, so I've been chomping at the bit to read it from beginning to end.  I finished doing that last night, so now I have to incorporate the edits and do another read through.  At least the editing part isn't stressful.  It actually helps relax me after a long day!

The month of April was hard work for me too, pimping my new novels.  There's still a lot of work to be done, but I think I need a break!  If I keep going like this, my right foot will drag behind me, dark circles will form under my eyes, and I'll moan nonsensical gibberish.  Don't need anyone mistaking me for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse! :)

While I relax, don't forget to check out Finding Eden, new in paperback!  You can get it from Amazon or eTreasures Publishing.

Drunk womanizer Duke, spends his life selfishly taking care of himself and screw the rest of the world. After one particular black-out alcoholic binge, he wakes to find the world changed—the dead are rising from their graves.
Lonely, guilt-ridden Hank is someone who minds his own business, and sympathetic but strong-willed Lana is on the receiving end of harassment by other students. Forced together for survival, the three misfits must confront their world gone strange.
God said the people of Earth would be punished for their sins, and so the end has come. Duke, Hank, and Lana must walk their own paths to salvation, but they also must depend on each other.
Will their salvation lie in Finding Eden?
A Zombie story with inspirational elements.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Dragon's View of Zombies

Told by Vern of DragonEye, PI

Karina's told me she's written a zombie novel, Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator. She's pretty excited about it coming out in March, and says she has readers who are already antsy for a copy.
I don't get it. Zombies are the equivalent of spoiled food becoming animated. Why are you making literature out of dinner gone bad?

There are zombies in our culture--inevitably the result of evil magic. Soulless animated bodies of the dead. When the sorcerer "does it right," he can infuse them with some rudimentary commands and a very minimal intelligence--kind of like Lego Mindstorm robotics. Done wrong, however, and you have the shambling dead trying to act out whatever messed up command its rotting brain can process.

Had that happen in the Great War. None-too-experienced sorcerer tried to make a zombie army, but wasn't precise enough in his command to kill the "enemy." So they pretty much turned on everyone. Would have been a good time for your world's napalm, though we did have Greek Fire. Once in a while, though, I had to take a more personal approach to pulling one off one of my comrades. Took weeks to get the taste out of my mouth. In fact, I've got an urge to gargle just thinking about it.

See why I don't like to talk about zombies? Now excuse me while I go find a 2-liter bottle of Listerine.

Check out Vern's latest book, Greater Treasures, at