Friday, May 3, 2013

Feeling Like a Zombie

Man, I've been so busy lately, I feel like the walking dead.  Work has been very stressful and things have been busy on the editing front.  I finished the first draft of my newest YA novel, so I've been chomping at the bit to read it from beginning to end.  I finished doing that last night, so now I have to incorporate the edits and do another read through.  At least the editing part isn't stressful.  It actually helps relax me after a long day!

The month of April was hard work for me too, pimping my new novels.  There's still a lot of work to be done, but I think I need a break!  If I keep going like this, my right foot will drag behind me, dark circles will form under my eyes, and I'll moan nonsensical gibberish.  Don't need anyone mistaking me for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse! :)

While I relax, don't forget to check out Finding Eden, new in paperback!  You can get it from Amazon or eTreasures Publishing.

Drunk womanizer Duke, spends his life selfishly taking care of himself and screw the rest of the world. After one particular black-out alcoholic binge, he wakes to find the world changed—the dead are rising from their graves.
Lonely, guilt-ridden Hank is someone who minds his own business, and sympathetic but strong-willed Lana is on the receiving end of harassment by other students. Forced together for survival, the three misfits must confront their world gone strange.
God said the people of Earth would be punished for their sins, and so the end has come. Duke, Hank, and Lana must walk their own paths to salvation, but they also must depend on each other.
Will their salvation lie in Finding Eden?
A Zombie story with inspirational elements.

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  1. This sounds great! Will it be offered in Kindle version soon? :)