About GirlZombieAuthors!

* Welcome to the GirlZombieAuthors Zombie Book Blog!

 We're a bunch of girl zombie book authors who love writing about zombies!

We are:
*  Karina Fabian, author of Neeta Lyfe, Zombie Exterminator
*  Kristen Middleton, author of the Zombie Games series
* Pembroke Sinclair, author of Life After the Undead
* Christine Verstraete, author of GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie.

** Want to tell us about your zombie book?
We love guest posts, and are scheduling guest author posts featuring your zombie book characters. As per our name, we are featuring girl zombie authors for now, but we do sometimes post about other zombie books by male authors we come across, too!

To be featured: 
email Chris at chrisATcverstraeteDOTcom or use the contact form at my  website - send a mid-sized jpeg of your book cover, a short synopsis, a paragraph or less excerpt and a short story/post featuring your character so we can meet him/her!  Got a pic or art of your character? Send that too. Don't forget your website and Amazon links. Easy, right?

* Don't have a full book published yet? Short story or novelette excerpts are fine, too. They can be short, but intriguing! We love to hear about shorter works, too.

A few ideas:
* Interview your story/book character.  Tell us about him/her/it, why you chose them-- or they chose you? What is special/odd/different about them?

* Is the character/s related to your manuscript or work-in-progress? Tell us what else you're working on and how it relates, but don't give the story away before it's published. We understand.

* How about a few sassy questions that you and your character both answer?

For some question ideas, check out a recent post we had with a Q&A by Julianne Snow and her book character, Julie. Feel free to pick a few questions from there that you'd like to answer, or change them up a bit.

We look forward to hearing from you!