Thursday, March 31, 2016

New #Zombie Book Coming!!

I've been waiting to say this for awhile but now I can!!

A new Zombie book is coming out this summer.

It's a historical zombie book with a unique mystery and "solves" a real-life crime. When you see who it is, you'll see the crime and solution make perfect sense!!

More details coming soon! Sign up for my sporadic newsletter at my website for upcoming news!! 

Here's a small "hint" - 

** Don't forget to come back tomorrow April 1 and daily all month (except Sunday) for the annual A to Z Blog Challenge! Guests, giveaways and more!! 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sick, Short Posts, New #Zombie Girl Story Coming Soon

Been sick, so haven't had much energy but trying to meet my other deadlines. Who'd think a cold could be this nasty??

Short posts as I can this week....

Story News: I have finished a fun, short  summer mystery story with my Girl Zombie character Becca, and it combines my loves: a short mystery and miniatures! Stay Tuned!!

I am planning a post-filled April - a post a day here, with all kinds of guests, giveaways and more - and a mini a day at the Candid Canine blog. Be sure to check back for that!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Coming Soon!

New books and posts from assorted authors coming in April!

Giveaways and prizes scheduled so check in on April 1 for the annual A to Z Blog Challenge.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A to Z Blog Challenge Coming in April!

Yes we are going crazy here again and entering the 7th annual A to Z Blog Challenge in April! 

The idea is to blog daily (except Sunday) from A to Z.  So expect some weird posts, guest posts, whatever we can think up posts. Maybe even some giveaways - you never know!

Check out the 1000+ blogs on the list! 

Upcoming guest authors (horror, mystery, zombie, ya, and more!) coming here (so far, not in order) include:

Robert W. Walker
Terrie Moran
Courtney Mroch
Jacqueline Seewald
Joanna Slan
Camille Minichino
Belinda Frisch
Chantal Noordeloos
Margo Justes
Me, too!

Here is the letter schedule for April:

Monday, March 7, 2016

Creepy Dolls #Horror

To some people, dolls are like clowns - terrifying, horrifying, the stuff of nightmares...

I like dolls, always have, but I can see where some of these ideas come from.

There are dark stories about dolls...

 The Doll Collection

and creepy, horrific stories with Dolls: an extreme horror...

Dolls become substitutes as in Joyce Carol Oates' story in The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror about a boy becoming obsessed with his cousin's doll after her death...  

Then there are truly creepy dolls in real life on the Mexican Island of the Dolls where legend says a drowned girl's spirit haunts the discarded dolls, who are rumored to move... and whisper....  (Image: DailyMail UK)

Well, the sight alone is creepy enough right?

See more creepy images and the Daily Mail UK story...  

Or check out this video... (Best not watched before bedtime!)

Friday, March 4, 2016

New Galaxy's Edge #Sci Fi Fantasy Mag for March

Like Sci Fi and Fantasy stories? Read some great stories by top authors online or order the latest print issue of Galaxy's Edge.   You can also order a PDF for download at the site. (Click title.)


Out of Print
by Steve Pantazis
C/O The Village of Monsters Past
by Dantzel Cherry
Auriga's Streetcar
by Jean Rabe
by Ian Whates
by Janis Ian
The Higher, the Fewer
by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

The Man Who Saved Manhattan
by Sunil Patel
Smokie Joe
by David Drake

Shattered Vessels
by Kary English and 
Robert B Finegold, M.D.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#1LineWed - One Line: #Zombie, #Mystery, #Sci Fi Books

For this week’s #1LineWed – One Line Wednesday – I invited some writer pals of different genres to share their favorite one lines. Sounds fun, right? Enjoy!


 About the Book:
On a whim, as if by magic Devane came to Chicago in the dead of winter. What she finds in the windy city alters her life for eternity.

Favorite Line:
"Do you always buy your art by the pound?" Devane Redding

About the Book: 
When library staff volunteer Tanya Lipscombe, also known as "Tanya Trouble," is found murdered in her own hot tub, Alan Mersky, a veteran with PTSD is arrested. Local bookstore cafe owner Sassy Cabot knows the brother of her former boss is no murderer, and seeks to clear his name and make sure the real killer gets booked.

Favorite Line: 
"One of the ladies at Barbara Cartland let out a scream so bloodcurdling that you would think she was sitting in the first row of a 3-D movie and the ax murderer had jumped out from behind the bureau."

 Death to the Undead by Pembroke Sinclair

About the Book:
Seventeen-year-old Krista has already proven she can survive the zombie hordes.After moving to North Platte with her distant cousin General Liet to help build a wall that will keep the zombies in the West, it becomes apparent that the zombies aren’t the biggest threat—some survivors are far more dangerous than Krista had ever imagined. Caught between powerful forces, can she and Quinn survive long enough to devise a new plan and put it into action? Or will they self-destruct? 

Favorite Line:
"I knew Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I was pretty sure the zombies could destroy it in one."

 GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie by C.A. Verstraete

About the Book:
Becca's life is changed forever when her cousin comes home and infects her with the Z virus via an accidental scratch. Now she's part-zombie, with weird quirks, a twirly eye and a strange diet (no not "that") that no sixteen-year-old girl wants to deal with. Can she find the answers she needs before it's too late?  

Favorite Line:
"One word came to mind....horrible. If this was what happened when you came in contact with them... I shivered."

About the Book:
A teenage spy buff becomes embroiled in a genuine espionage conspiracy during a school trip to Europe.

Favorite Line:
"The door opened, and there, wearing blue jeans and a Ramones T-shirt, was the most beautiful girl Brian had ever seen."

About the Book:
Tilly Breedlove has no clue what she’s in for when her father pawns her to Family Trade and Loan for six months. He's behind in his back taxes and needs a quick loan to avoid prison. It's bad enough she has to relocate, but when they station her on the moon as an exotic dancer, she wants to step out of an airlock and suck vacuum. When her father defaults on the loan, Tilly needs to make a daring escape with a few trusted friends, and somehow get even with the father who abandoned her.

Favorite Line:
“I’m Reginald Breedlove, and I have an appointment for the last stage of the program.  I’m here to pawn my daughter.”