Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday-the #Zombie Apocalypse?

Yes, it is a valid comparison. People roaming the stores, running over each other, grabbing, maybe even biting... mindless shopping sprees by mindless zombies.... Why I stayed home. haa!

BLACK FRIDAY... Get a book instead!

Some great reads!

GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie - (see prologue on website) Not Christmas, but zombies and part-zombies....  What happens when you're 16 and turn part-zombie?

In my short story, Christmas at the North Pole Compound, it's up to Chief Elf Inspector Finius Flaherty to find out who stole the gifts before Christmas is ruined! No zombies, but a fun little holiday read.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Fill the plate (sparingly) and fill your heart with thanks. Despite the constant airing of trouble and bad news on TV, there is still plenty to be thankful for!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rebecca Besser Talks #Zombies

Today author Rebecca Besser talks zombies and the (paperback) re-release of her book, Undead Drive-Thru (Undead Series Book 1). (Amazon UK) (Be sure to check out the giveaway!)

About the book: 
When Kyndra, Colleen, and Jose apply for jobs at a diner that has seen better days and is undergoing renovations, they have no idea what they're in for. 
   Aunt-B and John have a horrible secret, and when it's unleashed on the unsuspecting employees of the diner, things get . . . complicated.
   Bloodthirsty and dangerous, a zombie awaits the opportunity to feast on them all.
   Who will be served first? Can any of them make it out of the Undead Drive-Thru alive? 

(I'm also sharing some info today on my book GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie at Rebecca's blog!)

Rebecca, welcome! Tell us a little about yourself...

  Bec: I’m a wife and mother, a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, and a writer who has been publish around 300 times in a variety of mediums in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for various age groups. I’m best known for my works of adult horror.

What's your most recent release(s)?

Bec: My most recent release is a re-release of my zombie novella, Undead Drive-Thru. The sequel, Undead Regeneration, will be released this coming summer.

How do you plan to spend Christmas this year?

Bec: At home enjoying my family, opening presents, and cooking a large, festive meal.

 If someone were to give you a book (or ten) as a present, what titles would you like to receive?

Bec: Hater & Dog Blood by David Moody, anything I don’t presently have by Joe McKinney, and the book I don’t have in the Shadow Dancer series by Courtney Rene (plus the next installation of her Howl series that hasn’t been released yet).

How many books do you currently have out?

Bec: Four by just me, although, if you visit my Amazon author page, I’m associated with 57 titles.  

 What inspired your book?

Bec: The original artwork from the first release. I was inspired by the image Justin T. Coons had created.

  Do you have a favorite scene and why?

Bec: I don’t have a favorite scene, I have a favorite chapter; Chapter 8. The chapter action packed and everything seems to happen at once. I love action.

What led you to write about zombies?

Bec: Zombies are fun. I’d previously written a few short stories about zombies, so a longer work was logically the next step. Besides, Undead Drive-Thru is not the normal zombie book/story.

  What else do you do when you're not writing?

Bec: I’m an editor, maintain websites, watch movies, spend time with my family, cook, shoot, hunt, play with our puppy, do cross-stitch, crochet, and many, many other things. I’m a busy woman all the time.

Is there anything you would like to share that I haven’t asked you about?

Bec: Yes, there is! I’m giving away two signed copies of Undead Drive-Thru (one first and one second edition) to one lucky winner of my re-release giveaway! Three runners up will win signed copies of the second edition!

Look for official rules and how to enter on her blog:

 Visit Rebecca Besser:


“He knew he was getting close to the end of the path when he almost stubbed his toe on a large rock barely visible in the underbrush. Skirting it, he continued toward the rundown, two-story house, looking for anything out of the ordinary; he’d learned over the last couple of weeks that being aware was of the utmost importance. He slowed for a moment as he stepped out of the tan, dry overgrowth and into the slightly shorter, weed-choked yard. Not seeing any movement, he continued to the front door. Throwing it open, he braced himself for an attack. When one wasn’t forthcoming, he stepped through and shut the door behind him, listening intently for any sound that might indicate what was going on and where it might be happening.

It took a few moments, but he finally heard moans and his aunt’s distressed voice floating in through an open window – they were outside. Growling and muttering curses under his breath, he went back outside and circled around to the rear of the house, fighting his way along another overgrown pathway.

Just as he was about to turn the corner of the house, he tripped over a partially buried brick in the ground, bordering a long dead flower bed that used to run along the side of the building. He fell hard, scraping his hands on dirt and small stones and smacking his head off another of the bricks.

“Shit,” he muttered, lying on the ground, dazed. Closing his eyes and taking a couple of deep breaths, he pushed himself up onto his knees as something warm and sticky ran down the side of his face. Reaching up with one of his sore hands, he touched the liquid and opened his eyes a crack to see that his fingers were covered with blood. In less than an instant after he realized he was bleeding, he heard an intense hiss to his left. Looking up, trying to focus, he saw his uncle, Sam, charging at him with hunger in his milky eyes.

“Run!” Aunt-B yelled, trying to net Sam with an old quilt.

Just before the shambling, undead corpse of his uncle could get his claws into him, John rolled out of the way and to his feet in one fluid motion. He wavered and almost fell again as his head wound made the world spin, but snapped erect when Sam darted at him again. Sam was so close that John could smell his rotting stench and it made his stomach reel.

“Run, John, run!” Aunt-B yelled again, charging forward, still trying to catch Sam. “You’re bleeding! He won’t give up while you’re bleeding!”

John turned to run, but only made it a few paces away before Sam tripped over the same bricks that had been John’s downfall.

Sam fell, sprawling, into a huge, dead bush and flailed, moaning, trying to get free. Aunt-B took the opportunity and pounced, throwing the blanket over her undead husband. John turned back and helped restrain Sam, wrapping his arms around the blanket-covered body in a bear hug, locking his hand around his opposite wrist.

“How did he get out?” John snapped, wrestling Sam toward the front of the house.

“I don’t know! I was too busy trying to keep him from wandering off to figure it out!”

The bundled-up Sam in John’s arms fought vigorously and tried to break free, using all his undead and blood thirsty strength. It took everything John had to keep him under control, but even with his head pounding and his body sore from falling, he held on tight while Sam moaned incessantly.

Sam bit at the blanket and tried to get to the fresh blood that was so close.

Aunt-B rushed ahead of them, being careful not to fall herself, knowing more blood would only make Sam more difficult to handle. She reached the front door and held it open as John struggled around the corner of the house, gasping as Sam almost threw both of them off their feet again when he started shaking violently.

John swore and held on, leaning backwards slightly. Using his superior height to his advantage, he partially lifted Sam’s feet off the ground. Soon, the flailing stopped and Sam’s feet wiggled around in the air, trying to find footing once more, but he still bit at the blanket and tried to claw his way out. Groaning, John put him down and forcefully pushed on to the waiting door.

“I’m sorry,” Aunt-B whispered as they wrestled into the house.

John wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or Sam. He knew how she still had a soft spot in her heart and/or head for her husband, and it bothered him. A normal, sane person would have killed – or had someone else kill – their spouse who’d turned into a zombie. But no, not Aunt-B, she was too softhearted to ever do anything like that and left every day to chance. She chanced Sam getting free and hurting others, or even starting an outbreak. She also risked their lives by insisting they live in the same house as such a dangerous creature.
John and Sam stumbled through the house, knocking over furniture, and almost fell a couple of times.

“Open the cage!” he yelled, holding Sam slightly away from the door that opened into a small bedroom wherein a steel cage had been built.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Aunt-B huffed as she wiggled between them and the wall, clamoring over a chair they’d knocked down during the struggle; she stepped inside the bedroom.

Flipping the switch on the wall, the room lit up with light from a single florescent bulb in a ceiling fixture and she made sure the cage door was open; it was a large enclosure that almost completely filled the small room, pressing up against three of the walls.

“It’s ready,” she said, stepping back out of the way, letting John in front of her.

“Stand back,” John huffed breathlessly. “I’m going to pull the blanket off and shove him in as fast as I can.”

“Okay,” Aunt-B said from a few feet away.

John glanced at her to see where she was and his jaw tightened when he saw the tears running down her face and the way she was wringing her hands.

She’s probably scared I’ll hurt him, he thought bitterly.

Using the pissed off energy and the pain coursing through his body to fuel him, he quickly pulled off the blanket and planted his foot on Sam’s butt. He kicked his uncle forward hard enough to propel the zombie into the holding cell, sending him sprawling as he fell on his face.

John slammed the steel door sharply and was about to turn away when he noticed it hadn’t latched.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#Zombie Film Helps Teens Find New Way to Create

Two teenage guys with Down Syndrome find new friends, and funding, to help make their dream of producing a zombie film come true, says PBS Newshour. See transcript.

Monday, November 24, 2014

'Tis the Season for Krampus

Beyond the cheery Christmas songs and merry little reminders to buy your gifts lurks an evil that should scare every child and adult.... KRAMPUS!

The Austrian anti-Christmas devil lurks to beat, then stuff naughty kids in his sack and carry them away. A perfect short story or book-based character! (You can even get some Krampus ecards to spread the fear, er, cheer!)

On that note, there are some reading suggestions:

Just out - Krampusnacht: Twelve Nights of Krampus - 12 tales of evil children - and adults - getting their due.

The Spirit of Krampus - Illustrated - New 55 page tale where  young Skip must track down Santa to set things right in a dystopian world gone mad.

 Letters From Krampus reinvents the Krampus tale making him nearly good again... Krampus was once the right hand of the Claus. Now, he’s just a fading memory who’s been banished from the North Pole Corporation and left to rot in his Cave House while the new head of the NPC casts him in the role of the Yuletide villain. When he discovers that the Claus has disappeared, Krampus rallies his forest friends and the children of the world to save him! 

Check out Terry Gilliam's animated twist on Christmas Cards and the Krampus appearance at the end... 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Now Reading.... Undead Obsessed

Look what came in  the mail yesterday!

Now I better finish my reading so I can put a review. 

In Undead Obsessed: Finding Meaning in Zombies, Jessica Robinson (Pembroke Sinclair)  uses film, literature and interviews with experts to examine how zombies portray real-world fears such as epidemics, mind control, what may or may not exist in space, the repercussions of playing God, and the science behind the fears. Robinson's goal is to explore how zombies become a metaphor for our fears of science and what could happen if science gets out of hand.

Friday, November 21, 2014

How Would You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

You know you've thought about it. You know you've planned it out. How would you survive the zombie apocalypse? I’m un-dying to know! Send your essays (500 words or less) or videos to pembrokesinclair[@]hotmail[.]com or use the contact form at Please don’t send attachments. I won’t open them. Please paste your story or link directly in the body of the email or the contact form. Thanks!

Terms: Sending your stories/videos to Pembroke Sinclair/Jessica Robinson gives her permission to post them on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media sites (including, but not limited to, Google+, Goodreads, etc.). You retain copyright, but give her permission to share with others for no compensation. This is totally voluntary on your part.

You warrant that you are the sole owner of the work or have been assigned exclusive rights to the work; that the work is original and that no part was taken from or based on any other literary, dramatic, or musical material, or from an film or graphic arts, except identified in writing by author; that the work does not contain any material of libelous, pornographic, or obscene nature.

You agree to hold Pembroke Sinclair/Jessica Robinson harmless and indemnify her against any claim, demand, action, suit, proceeding, or any expense whatsoever arising from claims of infringement of copyright or proprietary right, or claims of libel, obscenity, invasion of privacy, or any other unlawfulness based upon or arising from the publication or any matter pertaining to the work.

Submission of your work means you agree to these terms. Pembroke Sinclair/Jessica Robinson reserves the right to decide what will be published on her blog and other social media sites and has the right to refuse any work.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Normal Life During a #Zombie Apocalypse?

When  it comes to zombie invasions, my thinking is different. In my book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, life goes on.

As the main character, Becca, and many other teens and adults only turn part-zombie, their life is still somewhat normal except for certain changes. They try to go to school, they travel, and while they run into - and fight off - the full  zombies - it is not every single minute of the day. The full zombies are out there however, just not everywhere... and that appears to bother some readers.

But... look at The Walking Dead. Yes, the world has fallen apart but--- there are many scenes and instances where there are NO zombies present. They walk for "miles" without any sightings or being able to hide with zombies simply passing by. They sometimes do "normal" things although with some restrictions given their life in a dystopian-type society.

Someone pointed out to me that it's the same in Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (which I admit I have to finish reading). In that, they fight zombies, but... life goes on. They go to parties, they do their "normal" life things.  It's life  - with zombies.

I guess that is how I tend to look at it  - differently. To me, zombies don't have to be everywhere... they can wreak havoc on a certain area, in certain places, for a certain reason, but people still have moments of normalcy. The problem can be regional, and differ from block to block or area to area. The full society doesn't have to fall. Not always. Why should it have to always be that way would be my question? 

I'm interested in hearing what others think. 

 GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie - (see prologue on website

 What happens when you're 16 and turn part-zombie?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas and #Zombies?

Do the two, Christmas and Zombies,  have any connection? 

You'd think not, but a quick search turns up a few ways people have connected the two topics in fiction. I have not read these yet.

* Any time is a good time for a story of people doing good, especially during the zombie apocalypse. Too often, most Z books are about the zombies, with lots of killing, and the bad things people do to each other. So a few "different" Holiday reading suggestions... 

  A Zombie Christmas is a short story where three men take risks to bring happiness to surviving kids on Christmas morning.


get a recently released version which includes the Christmas story plus a Thanksgiving and New Year's story.

In my short story, Christmas at the North Pole Compound, it's up to Chief Elf Inspector Finius Flaherty to find out who stole the gifts before Christmas is ruined! No zombies, but a fun little holiday read.

Author Rusty Fischer also offers up a fun treat - a whopping collection (700+ pages!) of Zombies Don't Read: 25 YA Short Storiesa collection of 25 holiday and YA short stories, including the appropriately titled, Home for Christmas and Jingle Brains

   And there's my other book: GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie - (see prologue on website) Not Christmas, but zombies and part-zombies....  What happens when you're 16 and turn part-zombie?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jack Wallen talks Metal and Zombies - Winter of #Zombie

winter of #zombie

Why Metal and the Apocalypse Make Good Bedfellows

When Armand Rosamilia asked me to drop a few words onto paper for the Winter of Zombie 2014 event, the first thing that popped to mind was metal. Not the kind of metal used to make cars, and forks, and industrial-strength vibrators … I’m talking the kind of metal that fuels head banging and the throwing of devil horns.

I’m talking heavy metal music, baby!

But why discuss metal for an event about zombies? The answer to that is simple: Because metal and zombies go hand in hand. I can already hear people shaking, nay banging, their heads to the idea of pushing a stereotype further. Not the whole of metal is gloom, doom, and death. Yes, that is true. But I want to take you down the path less traveled (as I am wont to do).

For me, the gathering of metal and horror (especially zombie fiction) lies as much in the subtleties as in the clearly obvious. Let me use a very specific example. One of my favorite metal bands, Avatar (from Sweden) released a new album called Hail The Apocalypse.

See where I’m going with this? Maybe not.

If you take the whole of the album it tells the tale of a sort of Circus of the Mad. Examine the words from the title track and you’ll get this sense of looming death and “All flesh is equal when burnt”. But for me, the connection between metal and my written works goes well beyond the lyrics of the music. It’s in the thrumming, crunchy guitars, the gut punch of the double bass, the almost cookie monster-like sound of the vocals. Dig deep into the mire and you’ll find an incredible connection to one of the most important elements of metal (at least for me)...

The rhythm.

Take a listen to “Hail The Apocalypse”

On the surface you feel this constant, driving, ever-present beat that threatens (should you listen loud enough) to tear you apart. Layered over that you get a counterpoint of the growled lyrics over the dancing guitars. For me, that’s where the connection to metal really digs its hooks into apocalyptic fiction. It’s a familiar, predictability threatened by the unfamiliar and unpredictable. You never know where the melody or words might take you. You can’t be sure if you can trust the  underlying chaotic punch and beat. It’s a four-four rhythm offset with the thrust of the unknown that makes metal the perfect soundtrack to the zombie horde. It’s the slow burn of doom punctuated by the chaotic spikes of fear.

When I write, rhythm plays a very important role in my words. The idea of the old iambic pentameter dare not rear its ugly head in my work. The apocalypse needs chaos and to that end, I depend upon a disruption of rhythm the likes only metal can inspire. It’s tossing in emphasis where the reader might not expect it. A long sentence punctuated by a single word or two word sentence.

Keep the reader on their toes.

Metal. Pure … and simple.

Once you get beyond what lies beneath the monster of metal, the pure theatricality of most metal bands serves as such wonderful inspiration. In the costumes, the stage, the lights, the make up, the motifs … everything blends perfectly together to give you the soundtrack to new world order.

Imagine, once the apocalypse hits … will we be cranking Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, or The Decemberists? Hell no. Human kind will be brought back to life by Avatar, Slayer, Judas Priest, and other denizens of the darker melodic delights willing and able to kick hate in the junk and dare the harbingers of doom to push the human race into the realm of extinction.

Metal may not be your cup of tea. But chances are, if you’re a fan of apocalyptic fiction, you’ve heard your fair share of metal tunes – and even possibly cranked one or two up to eleven. Or, if you’re a fan of my fiction, you’ve felt the influence of metal (and music in general) woven through the fabric of the story, the sentences, and the words. 

 * Jack Wallen is the author of the I Zombies series, including the latest, Cry Zombie Cry (I  Zombie Book 8) - Bethany Nitshimi is back and ready to crush the Zero Day Collective with   a wall of sound. Together with the metal band Unsun, Bethany will have the undead horde banging their heads until brain runs thick in the streets.  

If it's too loud, you're too old...or dead.

See Wallen's Amazon page.

Now some zombie stuff for Winter of #Zombie

Join 10 amazing authors - Joe McKinneyMark TufoBobby AdairEric A ShelmanJay Wilburn,John O'BrienJaime JohneseeAuthor Armand RosamiliaJack Wallen and Shawn Chesser - for this month-long event filled with interviews, guest posts, teasers from their latest zombie release, and giveaways! See Facebook page for full schedule. 

On Twitter? #WinterofZombie

The stench of frozen rotted meat is in the air! Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2014, with 10 of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of November.

AND so you don't miss any of the posts in November, here's the complete list, updated daily.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

WindyCon Today!

Unless there's a huge blizzard, I'll be at WindyCon today! First time I'm attending  this, so looking forward to it.  Come join me!

My schedule:

10 a.m. panel - Looking forward to meeting and talking with multi-award winning author Mike Resnick: (Despite they spelled my name wrong!)

SF Authors as Mystery Writers
SF and mysteries often appeal to the same readers, but it also appeals to some of the same authors. Join our panelists to hear what inspired them to combine SF and mystery writing and how adding another genre influences their writing.
J. Cowan, E.Flint, C. Johns (M), M. Resnick, N. Silk, C. Verstraete
Lilac B - 90 min.

3 p.m. Reading:  I'll read a portion of GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie and part, I think, of my story, The Songbird's Search, in the Athena's Daughters anthology. (See excerpt.)

C. Verstraete
Maple - 1 hour

4 p.m. Autographs with: 


D. Murphy, J. Sights, C. Verstraete
Autographing Tables - 1 hour

Friday, November 14, 2014

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Earlier this week, I did a guest post about how I would survive the zombie apocalypse.  In a nutshell, I said I would do the exact opposite of what happens in the movies.  To read the whole response, go here.  

But it made me curious:  How would YOU survive the apocalypse?  Let me know in the comments!

Undead Obsessed - Zombie book news!

  Zombie Book News!

Undead Obsessed is now on iTunes as well!

In Undead Obsessed: Finding Meaning in Zombies, Jessica Robinson (Pembroke Sinclair)  uses film, literature and interviews with experts to examine how zombies portray real-world fears such as epidemics, mind control, what may or may not exist in space, the repercussions of playing God, and the science behind the fears. Robinson's goal is to explore how zombies become a metaphor for our fears of science and what could happen if science gets out of hand.

* Don't forget the Goodreads giveaway! Ends Nov. 30 

And stay tuned for the Blog Tour Details! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A #Zombie Quote a Day!

Coming soon! The Christmas trees will be out already, I bet, but I'll wait until the "traditional" Christmas season - just after Thanksgiving.

Just in time for the Christmas shopping season!

It's Nearly 30 Days of Zombies - I'll share a quote a day (or almost every day) from my #zombie book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie - and I'll be sharing different zombie toys as well. 'Tis the Season!

* Amazon US: Kindle - Girl Z: My Life As A Teenage Zombie

* Amazon UK

* Barnes and Noble

Some different scenarios to whet your reading appetite. Books are the perfect, and lasting, gifts!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's a Toy! It's a Zombie!

Remember those neat human body models that let you see all the organs inside?

Well... they came out with a "squishy" version.... SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

But even more unique...

I was at Target and saw this... a squishy zombie body! - SmartLab Toys The Inhuman Squishy Zombie

Yes, removable organs - and limbs! Comes with a 24-page graphic novel - David Hunter, founder of Zombie-based learning.  A mystery, too! Follow the clues and solve the zombie outbreak.

Kind of cool - writing, comics, mystery, science for $27.95! Who said learning wasn't fun?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Upcoming: WindyCon

I'll be at WindyCon on Saturday! First time I'm attending  this, so looking forward to it. 
Come join me!

Feel free to join me during the reading and signings so I'm not talking to myself. ha!

My schedule:

10 a.m. panel - Looking forward to meeting and talking with multi-award winning author Mike Resnick: (Despite they spelled my name wrong!)

SF Authors as Mystery Writers
SF and mysteries often appeal to the same readers, but it also appeals to some of the same authors. Join our panelists to hear what inspired them to combine SF and mystery writing and how adding another genre influences their writing.
J. Cowan, E.Flint, C. Johns (M), M. Resnick, N. Silk, C. Verstraete
Lilac B - 90 min.

3 p.m. Reading:  I'll read a portion of GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie and part, I think, of my story, The Songbird's Search, in the Athena's Daughters anthology. (See excerpt.)

C. Verstraete
Maple - 1 hour

4 p.m. Autographs with: 


D. Murphy, J. Sights, C. Verstraete
Autographing Tables - 1 hour

Friday, November 7, 2014

Zombies on the Radio

A couple of years ago, when Life Lessons from Slasher Films came out, I had the opportunity to do several radio interviews. One of those happened to be with Max at Max on Movies, and it was an awesome experience. I thoroughly enjoy talking about horror films with others.  Or, really, anyone who will listen.

When Undead Obsessed was being finalized, I knew that I had to try to get on Max’s show again. It was the perfect excuse to talk horror movies. So, I sent him an email, and Max was gracious enough to host me again.

Yet again, the experience was awesome and enjoyable. Max said he didn’t normally have repeat guests on his show, but since we had so much fun last time, he said, “What the hell?” I can’t thank him enough for that. I am truly honored and humbled to be allowed back onto such an awesome show with an amazing host to talk about my latest work.

If you’re interested in hearing both interviews, you can access them here. They are the shows dated 11-1-14.  I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This Week's #Zombie #Horror Book News

 Now that Halloween is over, what else is going on in the horror book and writing world?

Well, Halloween is never really over, is it?

* Check out author Bill Crider's zombie story, Boppin' at the High School Hop

*  Read Stephen D. Sullivan's new Frost Harrow flash story, Lunchroom Zombies. (And check out his unique books while you're there!) 

* For fun, check out Sullivan's giant monster story, Daikaiju Attack on Kindle and just released in paperback. Think an original Godzilla with a little romance, sci fi and scary monsters! (Yes, monsters!)

* NEW! Writer pal Courtney Mroch (who also operates the fantastic Haunt Jaunts blog, a travel guide for restless spirits) has compiled some of her cool findings into The Haunt Jaunts Guide to Halloween Hot Spots: The Spookiest Places to Enjoy Ghosts, Ghouls and Scares.  

Check out: 
* Which Halloween haunted attractions are the “scream of the crop.” 
* Which Halloween haunted attractions are really haunted and where spooks you meet may be more than just costumed actors.
* Which popular haunted places offer special Halloween festivities.
* Where the spookiest spots to spend Halloween are. 

  ** NEW! I see Courtney also has a new spooky story out, The Shadow Stalker under the name C. Le Mroch. (37 pgs.) (She has a way with writing interesting short stories!) 

A shadow stalker terrorized Lizzie when she was fifteen years old. No one believed her then. Not her parents. Not her therapist, who theorized what she was experiencing was sleep paralysis, where victims are semi-awake but still dreaming, often of a menacing figure. 

But Lizzie knew better. She wasn’t always asleep when the shadow man came.

It’s been over a decade since that horrific time in her life. She’s married with her first child on the way.

Which is why the shadow stalker has returned. It wants her baby.

Lizzie needs to make her husband, Jacob, realize that…before it’s too late.

  * Just saw this new zombie book which sounds good: what happens when Russia's new weapons are mail order brides carrying a  deadly virus? Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies) (Volume 1)

* Coming soon!  Any day now! Check out Jaime Johnesee's Bob the Zombie collection, The Misadventures of Bob the Zombie - includes her three novellas PLUS a new novella and bonus short story! 

  *  Coming Nov. 14: Author Chantal Noordeloos has an intriguing scary novel coming out,  ANGEL MANOR, about a house with a deadly secret. Who can resist a haunted house story?  (Enter the giveaway on Goodreads. Ends 11/14) What a cool cover!

* Coming Dec. 1: Angela Scott has a new novel, Anyone? coming out.  She also is working on a teenage zombie book, ZIA, The Teenage Zombie and the Undead Diaries. Imagine that! 

(Too many good reads coming! I better sign up for Amazon Prime or win the lottery. haa!)