Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas and #Zombies?

Do the two, Christmas and Zombies,  have any connection? 

You'd think not, but a quick search turns up a few ways people have connected the two topics in fiction. I have not read these yet.

* Any time is a good time for a story of people doing good, especially during the zombie apocalypse. Too often, most Z books are about the zombies, with lots of killing, and the bad things people do to each other. So a few "different" Holiday reading suggestions... 

  A Zombie Christmas is a short story where three men take risks to bring happiness to surviving kids on Christmas morning.


get a recently released version which includes the Christmas story plus a Thanksgiving and New Year's story.

In my short story, Christmas at the North Pole Compound, it's up to Chief Elf Inspector Finius Flaherty to find out who stole the gifts before Christmas is ruined! No zombies, but a fun little holiday read.

Author Rusty Fischer also offers up a fun treat - a whopping collection (700+ pages!) of Zombies Don't Read: 25 YA Short Storiesa collection of 25 holiday and YA short stories, including the appropriately titled, Home for Christmas and Jingle Brains

   And there's my other book: GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie - (see prologue on website) Not Christmas, but zombies and part-zombies....  What happens when you're 16 and turn part-zombie?

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