Monday, November 10, 2014

Upcoming: WindyCon

I'll be at WindyCon on Saturday! First time I'm attending  this, so looking forward to it. 
Come join me!

Feel free to join me during the reading and signings so I'm not talking to myself. ha!

My schedule:

10 a.m. panel - Looking forward to meeting and talking with multi-award winning author Mike Resnick: (Despite they spelled my name wrong!)

SF Authors as Mystery Writers
SF and mysteries often appeal to the same readers, but it also appeals to some of the same authors. Join our panelists to hear what inspired them to combine SF and mystery writing and how adding another genre influences their writing.
J. Cowan, E.Flint, C. Johns (M), M. Resnick, N. Silk, C. Verstraete
Lilac B - 90 min.

3 p.m. Reading:  I'll read a portion of GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie and part, I think, of my story, The Songbird's Search, in the Athena's Daughters anthology. (See excerpt.)

C. Verstraete
Maple - 1 hour

4 p.m. Autographs with: 


D. Murphy, J. Sights, C. Verstraete
Autographing Tables - 1 hour

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