Monday, November 24, 2014

'Tis the Season for Krampus

Beyond the cheery Christmas songs and merry little reminders to buy your gifts lurks an evil that should scare every child and adult.... KRAMPUS!

The Austrian anti-Christmas devil lurks to beat, then stuff naughty kids in his sack and carry them away. A perfect short story or book-based character! (You can even get some Krampus ecards to spread the fear, er, cheer!)

On that note, there are some reading suggestions:

Just out - Krampusnacht: Twelve Nights of Krampus - 12 tales of evil children - and adults - getting their due.

The Spirit of Krampus - Illustrated - New 55 page tale where  young Skip must track down Santa to set things right in a dystopian world gone mad.

 Letters From Krampus reinvents the Krampus tale making him nearly good again... Krampus was once the right hand of the Claus. Now, he’s just a fading memory who’s been banished from the North Pole Corporation and left to rot in his Cave House while the new head of the NPC casts him in the role of the Yuletide villain. When he discovers that the Claus has disappeared, Krampus rallies his forest friends and the children of the world to save him! 

Check out Terry Gilliam's animated twist on Christmas Cards and the Krampus appearance at the end... 

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