Thursday, November 21, 2019

New Anthology: 100 Word #Zombie Bites

Just got a few copies of the new anthology I have stories in - 100 Word Zombie Bites from the Reanimated Writers Group. (Get it in paperback and Kindle here.)

I have two stories in here, The Awakening and The Heist. 

These are my first entries with this writer's group, which has published quite a few anthologies before, and I can say they produce a great product. I know most people read ebooks and Kindle today, but it's nice to have a paperback, too.

I've been in quite a few anthologies, so I've seen some good ones and some that are amateurish. I mention this as I've seen a few books done without the elements you expect to see in a print book like the table of contents and page numbers. To me, that takes away from the final product.

Proper formatting and a nice layout make the book worth buying. This has nice little illustrations added, and a "cute" picture of the group "mascot" on the cover page, too. 

The cover photo (love it!) and the title especially drew me in from the start. Plus, it's a challenge and dare I say FUN to write a story in just 100 words. And they're addicting! Give it a try.

A good book day!  Happy reading!