Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cover redesign for Zombie Games

After many comments about my old cover resembling the famous "Tomb Raider" actress or it being a high school guy's wet dream, I asked Regina Wamba of Mae I Design (who is also a fellow Minnesotan) to help me revamp it as well as the other books in the series. Not only does the new cover on the right have a grunge appearance much more fitting for a zombie book, in my mind the girl resembles the true character in the story that I've created. One of the coolest aspects of the cover is the model herself, Regina Wamba (who normally doesn't appear on her covers). A few weeks before I'd made the final decision to change it, I'd come across the original picture of her on Facebook and immediately emailed her, asking if I could use it for Zombie Games, and she agreed, saying she'd be happy to be my zombie slaying heroine. She also explained the importance of "branding" when it comes to creating a series of books, which I never really considered before-

Per Regina -

"Today, identity and branding are all the buzz. Because we live in a digital world, every Tweet, Facebook post, blog post and press release helps to reinforce your brand. As a graphic designer, one of my roles is to help you get “the look” crafted for your business so that everything you publish online, your business mailing pieces and all your printed marketing collateral hangs together in a unified way."

And she's knows what she's talking about because some of her awesome covers have helped launch some of the Bestsellers on Amazon and the New York Times. If you're an author and are looking to enhance your book sales, I totally recommend contacting her to see what she has to offer. Not only did she help me create more of a buzz for my vampire book,"Blur", but she is one of the sweetest gals you'd ever want to work with. I have to say that I'm pretty excited to find out what this cover will do for my Zombie Games series.


  1. very cool cover! and thanks for the whole thing for the mini books too! Will add this one. Make sure to send me others as you get them. That page will go up soon....