Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Get Fit For The Zombie Apocalypse!

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Being overweight is stressful enough, but it will also surely make you the easiest and most desirable target for a ravenous zombie. Fortunately, there are many Zombie Training Workout Tips all over the internet to help you lose some of your appeal to the creatures when they make their arrival.

With the right workout, you can gain the strength you'll need to wield weapons as well as the speed and endurance to run like hell. So, if you've been making excuses not to exercise but are one of those people preparing for the apocalypse, don't forget to include a daily workout to lengthen your odds of being an easy target.

 Now, I'm no fitness guru at all. My typical form of exercise is getting up from my writing to make coffee or check outside to make sure the zombies haven't arrived and are snacking on my kids. So, that being said, I've started a couple of challenges that I found on Facebook from Coach Sam which have definitely expanded my chair space and strengthened my upper-body strength, which I know will help me if the dead ever became the...undead.

They are very challenging for some of us, so do what you can and don't give up. I actually got my daughter Cassie, who's twelve, involved to motivate me. Obviously, these are only going to strengthen your muscles, (and raise your metabolism) so you should still include cardio during the week to burn more calories. Here is a thirty-day challenge which is VERY CHALLENGING for us easy-target people, but if you're up for trying it out, good luck!  For more tips visit Coach Sam on Facebook! 

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  1. Reading the numbers... I'm gasping already. This'll kill ya if the zombies don't...