Monday, May 27, 2013

Zombie events, zombie walks, movie premiere and more

A Happy Memorial Day and Thanks to those who serve 
and those who sacrificed for all

Lest you think zombies aren't as popular as ever, all you have to do is look around to find a number of zombie events going on. Here are a few:

Some interesting zombie events coming up:

* June 1, Hartford, WI, Zombie Prom, "Terror on Rural Street"

* June 1, Sandwich, IL, First Chicago Zombie Run, 5k run

* June 1, Zombie Movie Premiere - Patio Theatre, Chicago ($5 online, $10 at the door)
Tickets and info for: "Dorothy Marie and the Unanswered Questions of the Zombie Apocalypse"

Production company Rogue Lumen offers a dramatic comedy about a young couple facing the first major crossroad in their relationship when a disease spreads nationwide overnight.

* See national zombie walks list at Death by Zombie

* June 20, Aug. 3, Apocalypse Training - Hertfordshire, UK

* June 22, Chicago Zombie March - downtown Chicago, starting at Millennium Park

* Various Locations to December: Zombie Run for Your Lives obstacle course
* June 1, Dallas;
June 22, Indianapolis, IN
July 8, New Jersey

* July 6 - Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk, Seattle

* July 12, Chicago Zombie Prom

* July 19-20, San Diego: Walking Dead Escape Obstacle Course

Zombie Race  -
August 18, Rehoboth, Mass.
Sept. 18, Long Island, NY II
Sept. 22, Ohio
Coming: New Jersey, Maryland

* Sept. 21, Byron, IL, Zombie Run for Your Lives

* Sept.28, Cincinnati, OH, Zombie Walk

* Oct. 12, Lakeland, FL, 2013 Zombiefest Resurrection

* Oct. 12, London, UK - World Zombie Day - zombie walk, etc.
 More than 50 cities to host their own walks.

* Oct. 26: San Antonio, TX, Zombie Con "Pandemia"

Upcoming 2014:
March 21, Orlando, FL, MegaCon zombie walk

May 17, Waukesha, WI - Zombie Mud Run

For Reference: Past Zombie Events:

* April 20, 2013: Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl

* April 27, Miami, FL, Zombie Run for Your Lives - Various locations: US map

* April 27, Mancato, MN, Zombie Run

* April 27, Nashville, TN, Promocalypse @ The Cannery

* Zombie Race -
April 28, Forney, TX; 5/5, Long Island NY
May 9 - Pennsylvania

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