Friday, March 22, 2013

Wild About Zombies!

Remember last week when I said everyone was getting on the zombie bandwagon?  I wasn't joking.  Even Top Gear is getting into the action.  Last week, they aired an episode where they built an apocalypse car. 
(If nothing else, it'll make you want an MRAP!) Granted, it wasn't zombie specific, but it highlighted things to be aware of at the end of the world that could apply.

The most important things to consider no matter how the world ends are:

1.  Shelter
2.  Supplies
3.  Defense

While a car might not be the best way to spend the end of days (especially when gas becomes scarce), it wouldn't be that bad either.  It would keep you moving and away from danger.  If you had the right vehicle, it could take you places others couldn't follow.  You could pretend to be Mad Max.  (C'mon!  The world has ended, you need to do something for fun!)

What do you think?  Would you spend the end of the world in a car or find more permanent shelter?

1 comment:

  1. I think it'd be fun to stay in a car! And if zombies come, you can punch the gas and floor it!
    Great blog! I am a female zombie author as well. And you're right! Why do men get to have all the fun?