Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween: Would you do this to your pet?

More Halloween oddness... 

Halloween is the one time of year where we do terrible things to our pets. 

I don't mean animal cruelty, unless, well, you look at it from the dog's point  of view. I mean... what do they think when you try to put something like these on them? (And I have to admit they are pretty darn funny!)

Real dogs don't wear costumes - or at least they won't let you put one on them. It would last two seconds with my German Shepherd Dog.

Of course, that's the dogs. I know, cat people are already snickering behind their hands. I'm looking to see what I can find in the feline versions... (Hmm, they must be on to something. All that comes up are cute kiddy and sexy kitty costumes.)

Found these at Party City: 

Really??? haaa!

Apparently Petco knows something we don't or it's a conspiracy of sorts. Only one cat gets a vest; the others get funky hats. And the dog? Well, oddly both the costumes are in the Star Wars category...


How long would this last on most dogs? (Oh, chew toy!)

* Feel free to share any odder costumes than this that you find.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Coffin Hop is Coming! #Horror #Monster #zombie authors


It's almost Coffin Hop Time!

Join in for some spooky posts from hundreds of authors. Prizes, giveaways and more! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Are Zombies Cannibals?

Have you ever thought about this question?  Did you ever wonder why a creature that is dead with a digestive system that no longer works would need to eat?  Or did you just take it on faith that that was how the creatures acted?

Cannibalism is incredibly taboo within our society. We view it as the most abhorrent act one human can do to another. It is primal and barbaric. Only in extreme cases of survival is it viewed as tolerable. By making zombies cannibals, it shows us how monstrous they have really become.

Zombies represent the worst-case scenario of what humans can devolve into. They are driven by pure instinct and the most base of human needs. By making zombies cannibals, it makes them the most reprehensible and vile creatures to ever exist.

But there is an incredibly thin line between zombies and humans. After all, they used to be us. Perhaps another reason to make zombies cannibals is to make us look at ourselves as a society and question all that we consume.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Disgusting Gross #Zombie #Halloween Cakes

Since it's nearing Halloween, I'm sharing all things spooky and weird and....

I always say, what's a party without cake? (and I) may rethink that phrase with these cakes.

Better yet - what's Halloween without gross, disgusting and zombie cakes? (Better probably, but...)

I know you don't want to look but... I know you can't help yourself. Beware! (I warned you!)

Oh.. yuck. Who'd want to cut into this? from - coolhalloweencakes

Cool Halloween Cake - 1

Or maybe you'd want this one? (Gross, not likely!)

Or.... yikes! Too realistic.

Or there's my old favorite...

Ok. I'll spare you more... believe me, there are worse out there, far, far, worse....

 * Once you're done eating, be sure to curl up with a good book!

Great Halloween read! What happens when you turn part-#zombie?

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Treats

'Tis the Season, so load up on your favorite candy corn and pumpkin treats! Some yummy-looking ideas I found:

* Candy Corn Roll-up Cookies

* Now this is different - Candy Corn Milkshake

* Muddy Buddy Chex Mix with Candy Corn

*  Halloween Popcorn - candy corn

* Assorted pumpkin recipes

* Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

 * And be sure to curl up with a good book!

Great Halloween read! What happens when you turn part-#zombie?

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Feeling Like a Zombie

I apologize for the short posts.  This last month has been ridiculously crazy, and it's not going to slow down any time soon.  We are getting ready to move into a new house, so that has taken up a lot of my time.  Not to mention being busy at work.

On the news front, Undead Obsessed is still scheduled for a Halloween release, so keep your eyes and ears open for that.  I have been informed by my wonderful and fabulous book manager that she's got some really cool people to agree to review it.  I will share those details when I have more.

I hope you all have a great one!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Top 10 Scary Books

Halloween is the perfect time to curl up with a good scary book. Here are a few of my favorites or books that made an impression. What are yours?

In no particular order:

1. Dracula, Bram Stoker (Dracula (Dover Thrift Editions))

2. The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe: A Complete Collection of Poems and Tales.

3. Stephen King titles could fill the list, but I'll pick Pet Sematary as my favorite next to 'Salem's Lot.

4. I Am Legend, Richard Matheson - I just read this. It's creepy with the
atmosphere and the fact that it is written with only one character throughout most of the novella.

5. The Haunting of Hill House (Penguin Horror), Shirley Jackson - One I have to reread. I read it a long time ago, but always remembered its creepiness.

6. The Town, Bentley Little - Not a favorite, but this was such a freaky book and series which I thought was a very interesting idea. I thought the gratuitous sex scenes added nothing to the stories, though, and made me stop reading all the books.

7. Winter Moon: A Novel
Any scary book list wouldn't be complete without a Dean Koontz book. He's written so many, some I liked, some I didn't, but I remember this one as gripping and creepy.

8. Violet Eyes, John Everson
I am still reading this one, but nothing is scarier or creepier, I think, than spiders. Excellent story and the cover says it all.

9. Dead of Night: A Zombie Novel (Dead of Night Series), Jonathan Maberry
Same goes with zombies, the list is endless. There are tons of books, but my first, and favorite, zombie book was this one.  Can't wait to read the new sequel - Fall of Night: A Zombie Novel (Dead of Night Series)

 10. Cure: A Strandville Zombie Novel #1, Belinda Frisch - This is not your typical zombie novel but makes me think of a late night, classic horror film; [ a really great read. Something different.

* See more: Nightmare Magazine's top 100 horror books