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Halloween Spooky Reads: Skellie Mysteries!

Mysteries with... Skeletons!


 It's that creepy time of year again - OCTOBER FRIGHTS!

First - Be sure to stop by the participating blogs Oct. 10-15 and see what they have going:

Haven't done this for a while but there are sooo many great creepy books out, that I had to make up some Spooky Reading Lists for Halloween!  Image:

(* See more spooky Halloween reads - don't forget the giveaways!) 

* Friday the 13th, Excerpt: Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter


Podcasts - Short stories, Horror

The Creepy Podcast is hosting 31 Days of Horror short audio stories all October. My story, "Sweet Dreams," will be on but I don't know the day yet.

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More Spooky Halloween Reads: 13+ Skeleton Mysteries

Who doesn't love Skellies?  There are some fun, interesting tales out there!


A Skeleton in the Family (A Family Skeleton Mystery Book 1), Leigh Perry - The family's skeleton, Sid, has lived in the house as long as anyone can remember. And yes, he walks, talks and tells jokes... and he may help uncover the mystery of how he died.

A to Z Mysteries: The School Skeleton, Ron Roy -  Dink and friends must follow the clues, er, bones, when someone steals the school's skeleton. Fun new cover for a kid's classic, grades 2-4.

Mister Glow-Bones and Other Halloween Tales, Ronald Kelly -  Eleven stories of Halloween, trick-or-treating and more with a fun cover!

Rattle His Bones: A Daisy Dalrympole Mystery Book 8, Carola Dunn - In the summer of 1923, the Honorable Daisy Dalrympole discovers that the Museum of Natural History is a hothouse of professional rivalry and jealousy. On a later trip, she hears voices, a crash, and one of the curators body's among the dinosaur bones. (Hey it's still a skellie!)

Skeleton in the Art Closet: A Watercolor Mystery (Watercolor Mysteries Book 2), Gail Langer Karwoski - Jane discovers a skeleton in the art closet, and the deeper she digs into secrets of the past, the more she realizes art can be a deadly obsession. (I had to include this beautiful cover, but here's book 1 of the series: A Brush with Murder: A Watercolor Mystery)

Skeleton King, (Detective Damien Drake, Book 4), Patrick Logan - The legend of some serial killers refuse to die. Det. Drake's been saying the man who killed his partner wasn't the real skeleton king. Now he finds another skeleton and everyone believes it's a copycat. It's not. (Det. Damien Drake Book 1: Butterfly Kisses: A Thrilling Serial Killer Novel.)

Skeletons in the Attic (A Marketville Mystery Book 1), Judy Penz Sheluk - When Callie Barnstable inherits her father's unknown-to-her house, she learns it comes with strings - that she move there and solve her mother's murder before a scheming psychic exposes the family's secrets.

Spooky Skeleton (Jane Garbo Mysteries Book 5), Addison Creek - A murder in Shimmerfield has Jane realizing not all is as it seems, and even her own family is keeping secrets. (Spooky Business: Jane Garbo Mysteries Book 1.)

The Bone Shroud, Jean Rabe - Irem Madigan's trip to Rome turns into a desperate search for historical artifacts - and a struggle to stay ahead of a killer. Winner of the 2019 Soon To Be Famous Illinois Author Project, adult fiction category.

The Skeletons of Birkbury: A rural detective mystery (Peter Hatherall Mystery Book 1), Diana J. Febry - When the body of a teenage girl is discovered, the villagers of Birkbury close ranks to protect their secrets. Gossip turns to fear and suspicion as they realize the killer is one of them and is prepared to kill again.

The Squeaky Clean Skeleton (Haunted Housekeeping Series Book 1) ,  R.A. Muth - When Tori Madison, owner of the housecleaning service finds  her client dead in the attic and discovers the cat can turn into a hunky Irish houseguest only she could see, that's not her only problem. How could she keep that secret while catching a killer?

BONUS: Limited Time Halloween Sale! Why did Lizzie Borden really pick up that axe?

Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter and Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter 2: The Axe Will Fall.

* Hope you found something good to read - no bones about it! haa! *

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