Friday, May 22, 2015

The Ifs Return

There are no zombies in this book, but there will be in the third, so you'd better get caught up on the series now!

My second middle grade book, The Ifs Return, was released earlier this week, and I'm super excited!  You can find it on Amazon.

I wrote these books for my boys, and they really enjoy them.  They are the ones who requested that I tell a story about them and zombies, so I'm going to appease them.  It'll probably be a while before I get to it, I have a few other projects to take care of, but I'll get to it.  It makes me so happy to see my kids excited about a story.

“Gage escaped.”

These are the worst words Broden could hear from his big brother Landon—just one day after they battled alongside Slade’s Ifs and his army of forest beasts.

Sure, the brothers had learned to work together to fight and capture the evil If Gage. But, now, Slade has informed them that Gage has escaped! 

Fear and distrust have entered the boys’ world. Why should they help Slade if he can’t keep control of his prisoners? Will they be able to fight against a familiar foe? Plus, Landon has more news…

“Gage has magic.”

What kind of magic? Will he use it against them? As the boys are drawn into yet more adventure with the Ifs, they find out just how powerful, and dangerous, Gage’s magic can be.

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