Monday, August 1, 2016

Coming #Horror #Apocalypse Books!

(Holy cow, it's August!!! Where'd the summer go?? )

To make you feel better, there are some GREAT-sounding books coming out soon!  (I'll also be posting on some recent new releases next time.) 

For now, take a look at some of the to-be-published books I found:

  Infection - (Aug 19 - pre-order) M.P. McDonald When Cole Evans first heard about the "flu" outbreak at a military base on a remote island, he was certain it wasn't the common flu. As a former Navy epidemiologist, he was well aware of the horrible diseases the military studied. And, knowing first-hand the government's stance on sharing information with the public, if the media already learned about the disease, then it was too late to stop the spread.

Cole's only chance to save his family is to establish a safe haven. He knows the perfect location -- isolated, hard to reach, and with enough space for his brother's family as well -- but his son, Hunter, is on the other side of the country. Can they all reach it in time...  

 The Monster Pit - (Aug 15 - pre-order) Robert W. Walker - 
In an abandoned construction site sits a monstrous pit designed to spawn the tallest building in the U.S., the Chicago Spire. But the pit now harbors something far more sinister… 
   Detective Aubrey (Brie) Hamilton and her team of retired detectives, the Old Fart Squad, are called in to investigate the disappearance of people and pets who have wandered too close to the gaping hole. When a mother and child come forward with film footage of the pit, Brie, Wiz, Reggie and the others realize that whatever lurks at the bottom is something otherworldly—and dangerous. 
   Armed with a special weapon, Brie’s team of unsung heroes descends into the hellish abyss and its tunnels and come face-to-face with nightmarish creatures. 
   Can the Old Fart Squad succeed where SWAT and the National Guard have failed? And what exactly dwells deep within what locals call “The Monster Pit”? 

Shadyside - C. Le Mroch Coming Fall 2016...
A storm. A stranded couple. A ghost town haunted by mannequins. Or is the escaped mental patient moving them around?

Other Upcoming Books:

** Laurell K. Hamilton's 25th Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter adventure - Crimson Death -  comes out (Oct. 11). (Info and photo not  up yet.)

** Also coming out (Feb. 7, 2017): The Burning World -  Warm Bodies Series book 3 by Isaac Marion. (Info and photo not up yet.)

** I also just saw that Diana Rowland has a new zombie novel coming - White Trash Zombie Unchained - (April 4, 2017.)  (Info and photo not up yet.)

** Don't forget LIZZIE BORDEN, ZOMBIE HUNTER!!  -   (Now out - here's the new 2nd edition cover!)


  1. Thank you for posting my book, Infection. Much appreciated!

  2. Ooh. They all sound good and creepy. LOL I need to catch up on the White Trash Zombie series.