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April Anthologies Reading List #horror #zombie


There seems to be an uptick in anthologies and single author collections, at least based on the publication notices I've been seeing. That means plenty of good reading ahead! Here's some I found, plus a few other interesting things I came across. Happy Reading!!

Author Collections: Horror


All That Withers, John Palisano - First collection contains Lovecraftian musings to terrifying explorations of the inhuman condition. 

Fangtastic Tales of Werewolf Savagery, Toneye Eyenot - Embrace the monster within and explore the world of werewolf terrors in over 20 stories plus excerpts.

Monkey Justice and Other Stories, Patricia Abbott - First time print collection of Anthony, Edgar and Macavity-nominated author. Twenty-three stories and previews.


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Author Collections - Mystery:

Fast Crimes, Simon Wood - Short mysteries of planned and foiled heists, murders and more. 86 pages.

The Awareness and Other Deadly Tales, Terrie Farley Moran - Short mystery fiction and stories with a supernatural twist to 1930s noir. 84 pages.



Dark Places, Evil Faces, Collection of horror and dark suspense tales by Clive Barker and others benefiting Rethink Mental Illness. Over 500 pages.

Horror and Abominations: 24 Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos , Mark McLaughlin, Michael Sheehan Jr. - Learn the unholy secrets of such malevolent beings as Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Azalareon, Mother Hydra, the King in Yellow, and Yagdolak. Discover the blasphemous activities of the Tillinghast and Delapore families … wicked Mrs. Veng and her horrendous tenant, Dr. Brandywine … and the unspeakable, mutated son of King Tutankhamun.

Schlock! Horror!, Bret McCormick, etc. - Short stories inspired by 1980s gore-horror movies by 17 authors.


Splatterpunk Forever, Jack Bantry, etc. - Eleven tales of extreme horror from a circus sideshow from hell to a Mexican brothel and more.

Through a Darker Eye: 11 Tales of Terror, Mark Edward Brooks - Tales of terror in a traveling carnival, a lonely salesman battling an alien evil, a damaged detective and more. 

When the Clock Strikes 13, Steve Thompson, Richard Chizmar, etc. - Time is running out. What happens when the clock strikes 13. Thirteen short horror tales.

Year's Best Hardcore Horror. Vol. 4 , Tim Waggoner and others , (Releases April 16) - Hardcore horror with 20 authors presenting their scariest. 

Something Interesting:

Making Space for the Dead: Catacombs, Cemeteries and the Reimagining of Paris, 1780-1830, Erin-Marie Legacey -  History of burials, catacombs, the new burial culture and more in Paris.

Dragons, Oh My!

Dragonscales, The City of Concord Anthology, Vol. 1 - Jean Rabe, Stephen Sullivan and others -  (Releases this month) - If you like dragons... Twelve notable Sci-Fi authors offer stories based on the Dragonscales role playing game.

Horror - Support a Cause:

 If It Bleeds, chapbook #2, Matthew M. Bartlett - Latest in line of Nightscape Press's Charitable Chapbooks. Music and rock spreads like a virus, unleashing unspeakable evil. Signed, limited edition of 100, fully illustrated. One-third of sales of this volume support the Dakin Humane Society. 

Horror - Writing

Horror Writing Prompts, 77 Powerful Ideas to Inspire Your Fiction, Rayne Hall - This is an interesting concept. Just happened on this - a whole series of 25 prompt books for different genres.  Prompts, questions and ideas.


Coloring Heaven Witches Special Coloring Book, 40 Tarot-Inspired Designs



Apocalypse? At Least it's Not the End of the World, Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse, Zachary and Derek Berendsen - Tales of horror, adventure, survival and a little humor with zombies.

Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter,  C.A. Verstraete - What really happened when Lizzie Borden supposedly picked up an axe and killed her father and stepmother in August, 1892? What if she had a reason to kill?

The Zee Brothers, Halloween Holocaust, Zombie Exterminators Vol. 3, Grivante - A desperate call from a co-worker leads the brothers out against their better judgment and into an infested neighborhood where they encounter zombies - and something they've never seen before.

Still of Night, Jonathan Maberry, Rachael Lavin - Three short stories and a novella share the stories of Captain Joe Ledger and his top shooters, plus other characters fighting the final battle in Happy Valley. Fourth book in the Dead of Night series.

Some Fr-e-e-bies: (free at time of posting)


Ghostly Writers Anthology 2018 - Haunted tales and spooky poems, from haunted carnival rides to spooky forests and more.

Tales from Dark Places - The Halloween Collection (Indie Collaboration Book 1) - Nine spooky stories from assorted authors.

Vampires, Werewolves & Zombies - Over 900 pages box set. Includes "Seventh Mark" -  WJ May;  "Crush"- Chrissy Peebles;  "Blur" - Kristen Middleton; "Vampire in Denial" - Dale Mayer; "The Zombie Chronicles" - Chrissy Peebles; "Zombie Games" (Origins) - Chrissy Peebles; plus book trailers and more. 

That's it for now! Be sure to come back and check out next month's list!

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