Sunday, January 17, 2021

What I'm Reading: Mercedes Lackey' & #SherlockHolmes #Sci Fi #Fantasy #paranormal

Yes, I do read other things. I'm kind of zombie-d out at the moment, so I got back into some other genres. 

It's been a while since I discovered Mercedes Lackey's fantastic paranormal series. I read book 1,  The Serpent's Shadow, years ago. I don't know how I failed to get back to this series. I'm thrilled to begin reading it again and glad I'll have a long series (15 books!) to read through.

So that's one of the 2021 goals...

While you can read the books out of order, some do interconnect with characters. Amusingly (or not!), it turns out I read several books backwards not realizing there was a sequel involved until I read some of the comments on Goodreads. So, I'm kind of catching up.

Interestingly, most of the series is based on retellings of classic fairy tales, though a few of the middle and later books involve Sherlock Holmes, his sidekick. Dr. John Watson and Watson's wife, Mary, who also are Elemental Master/Magicians. There also are two interesting women who are instrumental, recurrent characters, one a medium, one a psychic with their specially-trained  and magical raven and parrot.

* I also read her latest, book 15,  Jolene, which I'll include a short review in the follow-up post.

Here's a few I've read and am reading with the Holmes stories. (* marked as read.)


11 A Study in Sable, This book introduces Sherlock Holmes and the Watsons to the series. Working with Lord Alderscroft, the Elemental Fire Master known as the Wizard of London, (see book 4) since leaving school., psychic Nan Killian and medium Sarah Lyon-White—along with their clever birds, the raven Neville and the parrot Grey—have a new assignment - to work with the famous man living at 221 Baker Street next to the famous Mr. Holmes. Dr. John Watson and his wife Mary, themselves Elemental Masters of Water and Air, take the occult cases John’s more famous friend disdains. Now they'll need every skill to confront and eliminate the mysterious and deadly entity that nearly killed them as children: the infamous Haunt of Number 10 Berkeley Square.  (Reading now.)

 12 A Scandal in BatterseaChristmas is a special time for Psychic Nan Killian and Medium Sarah Lyon-White and their ward Suki, who are determined to celebrate it properly.  It is special for their friends, Doctor John Watson, and his wife Mary, both Elemental Masters, who have found great delight in the season seeing it through young Suki’s eyes. It's also special for dark forces... As women and girl begin disappearing and others go mad, they and the Watsons called to examine the victims find it'll take their combined powers, magic and the greatest detective to stop the powers of darkness.  (* A sequel to book 11.) (Read)


13  The Bartered Brides, Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Watson (and his wife) are also Elemental Masters who help two other Masters/Sleuths when girls keep disappearing and others are found dead. This has a strange paranormal link to Holmes' old nemesis, Professor Moriarty. 

 14 The Case of the Spellbound Child, The opening line makes you wonder: Alf grinned as he pushed open the whorehouse door into the damp London night. This one also involves Holmes (still presumed dead) and the Watsons, and children missing in the Dartmoor bog. (Also started reading.)

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