Saturday, June 15, 2024

Lucky me! #Stokercon Reading!


 As I've never been (and maybe I'll get to go if they have StokerCon in Chicago or Milwaukee someday,) but a nice Facebook friend Valerie offered up an extra program for free and I was lucky enough to get my name in early!

Expected a small booklet like most cons, but this is a hefty 326+ pages and has lots of short stories, interviews, and more, so really looking forward to reading this! 

Now I'll somehow have to get that special StokerCon Weird Tales edition No.369 with stories by past winners. I'm usually writing some kind of horror, so it pays to read what the better-known authors are writing! There are so many good anthologies coming out (horror and mystery, but I just can't buy them all. Sadly, not all are in the library, either. Maybe the library will have the Weird Tales edition so I'll do some checking!)

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