Monday, December 28, 2015

What I'm Reading Next: #Horror #Paranormal #History

Besides the many, many books I've started reading or have waiting on the Kindle, here are some new and used books I picked up or received that I started or hope to read next. The pile never gets smaller! 

I love finding new authors or different books to read, that's why I'm sharing these. You never what catches someone's interest. So share: what are you reading??

Print books I received:

The Society for the Preservation of CJ Henderson - Collection dedicated to prolific writer CJ Henderson, who died from cancer. An assortment of fantasy, Sci Fi and horror stories by various authors, including friend Jean Rabe.

 Soothe the Savage Beast - collection of monster stories. Friend Jean Rabe has a story in it...  Started reading this one. Great first story by Carrie Ryan (Forest of Hands and Teeth.)

 Haunted Kenosha (WI): Ghosts, Legends and Bizarre Tales (Haunted America) - Local history and supposed hauntings I got from my friend, Gigi for Christmas. Love a good ghost story or two or more!

  The Dollhouse Murders -  Also in the haunting vein.... what's better than a haunted dollhouse? Middle-grade murder mystery... (The cover I have is different since it's an older printing...)

** And... a  couple books I recently picked up:

A Discovery of Witches: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy, Book 1) - a centuries old vampire, a witch and a centuries-old manuscript that brings them together.

  Vixen (The Flappers Book 1)  - Journey about a 17-year-old who wants the Flapper lifestyle and more... The cover got me and I love the Twenties....

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