Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer of #Zombie Continues!

It's SUMMER OF ZOMBIE time! Party like the undead!

Here’s this week’s posts – see Jay Wilburn’s site for the full schedule and posts. 
Here’s the full tour schedule

Sat, June 18
Mark Cusco Ailes post
Zombies Have Been My Life
Jay Wilburn teaser
The Dead Song Legend – Book 3
March from Myrtle Beach to San Antonio
Sun, June 19
Shawn Chesser post
My Soundtrack for the Apocalypse
Derek Ailes teaser
Zombie Con
from Catfurnado, Zombies, and One Killer Doll
Mon, June 20
Brent Abell post
The Accidental Zombie Author
Kathy Dinisi teaser
Hellbound (Til Death Do Us Part)
Tues, June 21
Ann Riley post
What Got Me Into Zombies …
Mark Cusco Ailes teaser
Zombie Park
Wed, June 22
Ricky Fleet post
Where the Obsession with Horror and the Zombie Apocalypse Started
Mark Tufo teaser
Tim 3 – Sliced, Diced, and Cubed
Thurs, June 23
Kathy Dinisi post
Some Brief Thoughts on the Zombie Apocalypse
James Wallace teaser
Zombie Theorem – The Siege Book 2
Fri, June 24
Peter Welmerink post
Writing Dead
The Case for Armand Rosamilia
The Case for Jack Wallen
Sat, June 25
The Case for Shawn Chesser
The Case for Eric A. Shellman

The Case for Kathy Dinisi

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  1. Now this is the kind of summer plans I can get behind.