Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New #Horror Book: Alabama Nightmares & Urban Legends

Like scary stories? No, not stories, but legends... Nightmares and Urban Legends....

Author Jay Michael Wright II has a new collection of short stores. If you think you know Alabama, guess again....

About Alabama Nightmares & Urban Legends:

Sweet home Alabama: some of the most beautiful scenery in the world… but if you look a little closer, you might find something ominous hiding just beneath the surface of perception. Sleepy little towns often hold deep dark secrets best left alone.

From talks of cults operating out in the woods, to a witch living inside of Bangor Cave, the horrors of the abandoned Bryce Asylum, and  a ghostly hitchhiker forever walking down Highway Five—this is a part of our history and lore that we try to forget. These are the stories we told in whispers as children. 

Contains The Alabama Horror Collection Volume 1 in its entirety plus 11 more Alabama horror stories and a bonus story - a prequel to the forthcoming novel Talon: The Spider's Web, the first in the Talon saga.

Wright says the book “was inspired mostly by the stories I was told growing up about supposedly haunted places all around where I lived. They scared me to death as a kid.  I thought the rest of the world should know my fear.

Favorite Line:
Standing in complete darkness, Josh heard a tiny voice whisper in his ear, “I want to play some more.” –from the story, The Initiation: Hell House.

“I love this line because it pretty much sums up the ghosts and spirits I've come to know,” Wright says. “ Good or evil, they always want to play just a little more.”

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