Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Book Club Reading!

Up for summer reading?

Readers shared their favorites in the Liz's Book Club 2017 edition in the Kenosha News - and Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter is included! (see paragraph 8) Yay! (Also included in Liz's 2018 book club, with sequel mentioned, Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter 2: The Axe Will Fall - see website. 

  • L. Stever recommends “Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter,” a book by local writer (and Kenosha News correspondent) Christine Verstraete.
“Did you ever wonder why Lizzie ‘gave her father 40 whacks and her mother 41’? Lizzie Borden has been elusive for the past so many years we still wonder why she did it. Lizzie never told. This book explains all. If you like zombies along with a little romance, you will enjoy the story. It’s a fun and gory read.” 
* New 2nd edition & a new cover!

About Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter:
Every family has its secrets…
One hot August morning in 1892, Lizzie Borden picked up an axe and murdered her father and stepmother. Newspapers claim she did it for the oldest of reasons: family conflicts, jealousy and greed. But what if her parents were already dead? What if Lizzie slaughtered them because they’d become zombies?

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