Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Guest #Horror #Thriller Author: Robert Walker Shares About His Writing

Today I welcome the horrific and prolific author Robert W. Walker. He just hit the milestone of 75 books published - and he has the distinction of having not one but three new offerings out at the same time! 

Some unique offerings: Beware - if you love (or loathe) creepy crawlies, then Walker's latest Bloodscreams series offering is for you.  Then he returns to his medical thriller roots with something under the hat... and if you enjoy old Chicago history with a splash of the supernatural - and yes, humor! - you'll love his Chicaghosts novella series. Something for everyone! ** Keep reading - and comment - for the contest at the end! ** 

 Satanipedes, (Abe Stroud Archeology vs. Supernatural Thriller, Bloodscreams #8):  Just when Archeologist and Vampire Slayer, Dr. Abraham Stroud thinks he can take it easy, take a second seat on a dig in West Texas, he is wrong from the outset. Plagued by warnings he does not at first recognize, Abe soon finds himself in the thick of an attack on humankind by a pod of prehistoric, giant centipedes that have cultivated a taste beyond livestock to a taste for humans. 

Under the Dead Man's Hat - A Dr. Jude Avery Thriller (Killing Time Book 1): Chicago and Cook County, Illinois medical examiners Dr. Jude Avery and Dr. Sybil Shanley team up to go after the most wanted, savage killers in the city. A team of two violent men known as the Veteran killers graduate to become the Nun killers. The murderers’ intent appears on the surface to be to ‘shock and awe’ the public - and perhaps move on to the most depraved murders yet. Now as the doctors get closer still to the truth, they must rely more on one another and their weapons, both those on their hips and those in the laboratory. 

 Goatbusters (Chicaghosts Book 3)  - Preorder, releases Sept. 15. Third in the horror-humor Chicaghosts novella series): An infamous freak show exhibit closed down with the Riverview Amusement Park years ago. But a ravenous creature escaped into the Chicago River, and it’s very hungry…

When a river monster begins to attack dirt bikers and kayakers, the Old Fart Squad of retirees is called back into service, led by the classy Detective Aubrey Hamilton. At first, Aubrey and her team suspect a hoax or fraternity joke—until bodies turn up along the old Riverview Park stretch of the meandering Chicago River. 

I invited Walker, who also grew up in Chicago, to come on the blog and share a bit about his books and his writing process.

He is the ultimate indie writer, writing for small presses and self-publishing. 

So, Rob, do tell us: why did you choose so many ways to publish?

"This has been a whirlwind year for me as a writer in terms of just getting writing DONE. I am a prolific and fast writer, which is one large reason I turned from doing work with New York publishers. They could not keep up with my output, and when the Kindle ebook possibility to become an Independent author, a self-publishing author without the old-world stigma attached, well, I Ieapt at the chance. The NYC publishers set your book on a schedule, which often means it does not see publication after you complete it for another year or year and a half. I do multiple books in one year. So what was I to do?
Naturally, when I got control of every aspect of the writing, I published my books when they were complete—next day with Amazon KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing, which is a breeze."
Now share: We have this vision of you constantly typing on the computer.
 Do you ever sleep? ha!
The reason why I am seeing Under the Dead Man’s Hat along with Satanipedes and a third title, Goatbusters all coming out now atop one another is simple. Goatbusters was done as book #3 in my Chicaghosts series with Imajin Books Quickie titles (a novella series set to release Sept. 15 and taking pre-orders now ), while the first Killing Time series title – Under the Dead Man’s Hat was published August 8th as a trade paperback and ebook from Prospective Press. In the case of the Imajin and Prospective titles, the schedule thing came back into play as I was dealing with publishers responsible for other titles than my own. Both titles were completed the year before (when in Goatbusters my characters predicted the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series – HA!)
"While awaiting these two titles to come to publication,  I worked on two new titles in my horror series – Bloodscreams. This year I completed SKITTERS  and SATANIPEDES, Abe Stroud vampire slayer and archeologist titles. Satanipedes was published just this week, but the work put into it has been ongoing while awaiting publication of the other two titles. But if you blink, you’d think I crafted and put out three books in the space of a month!"
What makes these titles unique?
Goatbusters is a cross-over genre between humor and horror – humorror, you might say. It is set in Chicago with a theme involving the great old Riverview Roller-Coaster Park and what crawled into the Chicago River until the Old Fart Squad and Suedini are called in to investigate.
Under the Dead Man’s Hat is my return to forensics and the serial killer chase and smack down novel like my 15 Instinct novels begun with KILLER INSTINCT – FREE giveaway for a limited time. When a corpse comes in with a hat, it’s amazing what is discovered under that thing, which is a twisting and twisted tale of suspense.
SATANIPEDES is #8 in the Bloodscreams Series, featuring Dr. Abe Stroud, archeologist who tends to dig too deep and always comes up with the supernatural. With Abe, there comes monsters of every size and stripe. The sequel to Skitters, this novel pays off.
I hope the readers agree! I'd say the premises, and the covers promise some spine-tingling reads! Thanks for stopping by the blog!
** CONTEST: Comment on what scares you or share your worst nightmare to be one of 3 winners to win a gift digital copy of Satanipedes. Be sure to include a way to contact you.


  1. Thanks so much Christine for having me. I would be happy to answer any questions that may arise. Let me know! Again many thanks! -- Rob