Friday, November 3, 2017

How's Your #NanoWriMo going? Or not?

NaNoWriMo - official Day 3.

How's it going for you? Or not? Not giving up, are you? That is so easy to do. You feel like, eh, why keep doing this, why bother, why....?

Now remember, I already had some written ahead on my project, so the key was to keep going. Keep it alive. Keep ahead if I can.

Day 1 - Weds. - a bomb. Still felt too tired to write. Getting over this cold thing has been awful.

Day 2, Thurs. - so far, 1600 2127 words. Not bad. Feeling sluggish as I write this Thurs. afternoon. But I want to do more as it's early yet. Problem is I've dropped a few clues, now what to do next? The story has already veered somewhat from the outline. Took out a couple things, substituted. Had to look some things up, which takes you off course... 

Yes, good when you find a solution. Had to add a subtle clue in, that works...

And... probably time for another #zombie fight!

Day 3 , Friday  - yes did another 400 words. Not enough, but that's ok. I'll have to do more next week so I don't fall behind.  And I'm not counting weekends in this as I usually have other writing work to do.

How are you doing? Feel free to share! Stuck? Get that free brainstormer worksheet jpg

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