Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Nominees for Bram Stoker #Horror Award

The final ballot of nominees for the 2017 Bram Stoker Award is out from the Horror Writers Association. See all the nominees here.

I'm going to include a few of the categories and link them here. It's always great to find new books to read. And the more I read the blurbs, the more interesting they sound!

Superior Achievement in a Novel

Golden, Christopher – Ararat (St. Martin's Press) - An earthquake reveals a secret hidden in a cave in Mount Ararat, Turkey. What a daring young couple find  changes everything.

King, Stephen and King, Owen – Sleeping Beauties (Scribner) - What happens when women disappear?

Malerman, Josh – Black Mad Wheel (Ecco) - A group of musicians are conscripted by the US government to track down a mysterious sound.

Miskowski, S.P. – I Wish I Was Like You (JournalStone) - Greta comes home to find a dead body - her own.  Now  she's a bitter, angry ghost setting out to solve her own murder.

Tem, Steve Rasnic – Ubo (Solaris) - Daniel has no idea how long he's been imprisoned - by roaches.  And every day, he's forced to portray another person from humanity's violent history - Jack the Ripper, Stalin...

Superior Achievement in a First Novel


Cabeen, Robert Payne – Cold Cuts (Omnium Gatherum Media) - Two scientists struggle to survive in a destroyed space station at the frozen bottom of the world - and then everything is irradiated turning the Antarctic fauna into ravenous monsters...

Davidson, Andy – In the Valley of the Sun (Skyhorse Publishing) - Western horror. By day,  he keeps an old hotel. By night, he fights an unspeakable hunger. 

Hayward, Matt – What Do Monsters Fear? (Post Mortem Press) - A rock musician tries to clean himself up. Again. This time it'll be different. Something is wrong in this rehab center as one counselor hides an ancient, and deadly, secret.

Hepler, Jeremy – The Boulevard Monster (Bloodshot Books) - You need to know how this all began. I am not a killer. You need to hear about the birds. I am not the Boulevard Monster.

Thomas, Scott – Kill Creek (Ink Shares) - A publicity stunt becomes a fight for survival among four horror writers staying at one of the most haunted houses in Kill Creek.

Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection


 Hill, Joe – Strange Weather (William Morrow) - Four short novels about a camera that erases memories, clouds that rain crystal nails that shred skin, a once-hero's story unraveling like his sanity, and a first parachute jumper who finds himself aloft on an impossibly solid cloud. 

Kiste, Gwendolyn – And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe (JournalStone) - Stories where beauty embraces the darkness.

Malerman, Josh – Goblin (Earthling Publications) - A novel in six novellas with body parts in the mail, hunting, ghost traps and a goblin zoo...

Matsuura, Thersa – The Carp-Faced Boy and Other Tales (Independent Legions Publishing) - Dark tales reminescent of Japanese folk tales.

McGrath, Patrick – Writing Madness (Centipede Press) - (First, limited edition of 300 copies releases April 3 - for $105.....

Superior Achievement in an Anthology


Brooks, Kinitra, PhD., Addison, Linda D., and Morris, Susana, PhD. – Sycorax's Daughters (Cedar Grove Publishing) - 28 dark tales and 14 poems by female African American writers.

Datlow, Ellen – Black Feathers: Dark Avian Tales: An Anthology (Pegasus Books) - Selection of 16 avian-themed dark fiction tales

Maberry, Jonathan and Romero, George A. – Nights of the Living Dead: An Anthology (St. Martin's Griffin) - Selection of stories based on Romero's landmark zombie movie.

Manzetti, Alessandro and Lester, Jodi Renee – The Beauty of Death Vol. 2: Death by Water (Independent Legions Publishing) - Water tales featuring drownings, siren calls, leviathans and more... 

Murano, Doug – Behold!: Oddities, Curiosities & Undefinable Wonders (Crystal Lake Publishing) - Weird fiction abou the dangers of the hive mind, strange creatures, weaponizing beauty and more. 

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