Friday, January 25, 2019

#Zombie Movie Review: Cargo

I'm usually late to the party, so this may be old news to some and hopefully new to others.

I'd seen the trailer to the movie Cargo a while ago and finally got to see the film itself.

Wow!  The zombies were scarce in the film as it's more a personal story about the lengths a father goes to protect his daughter, but it makes it no less worth watching.

The zombies, when they come on scene, are as awful as you'd expect. The difference here is it is a slow, agonizing transformation until there is no return.

What makes this movie refreshing is the setting. It is set in the Australian outback and involves the native Aboriginal people. There is a clear message here showing the native population as the heroes when a girl the father rescues ends up finding her family again and saving the man's daughter. I won't give away the main plot points to avoid spoiling the story for others. But it's a heartwarming story and well worth watching.

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