Wednesday, February 5, 2020

#Review: A Change of Heart #reading #bollywood


I admit I love Bollywood dancing and films. I remember watching them on TV years ago. Always loved the colors, costuming and especially the dancing. Every now and then, I go look some of them up on YouTube.

Recent movies like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the sequel with Judy Dench reflected some of that feeling, if not the authentic thing.

I've read a few Bollywood-India based authors in the past and always enjoyed them. It's been a while, but someone mentioned an Indian author I hadn't read, so off to the library I went. 

Well, I just found a favorite new author! I'm reading the books out of order, I realized, but that's okay. I just finished A Change of Heart by Sonali Dev and --- wow!!!  Suspense, a thriller, love story and a crime with writing as exotic and flowing as the colors of a beautiful silk sari. The lovely turns of phrases and imagery has my writer's heart melting!

The story centers on a heartbroken doctor, Nikhil, whose pregnant wife, Jen, also a doctor, was killed by a ruthless gang leader who's developed an underworld organ black market based on Jen's donor patient registry.

A woman who says she has Jen's transplanted heart and whose young son is in danger from this gang befriends the doctor in hopes of finding those records and protecting her son. It's a web of deceit and danger, all told with a rich background of Indian life and family. And yes, there's a wonderful ending... Just loved it.

 Now I'm reading her book, The Bollywood Bride, which I realize is a previous book in the series. It tells the story of Nikhil, his cousin, Ria, a Bollywood star, her fiance Vik, and Jen... But since I just finished the other book and know the characters, I don't mind reading them out of order.  Just soaking in the flavor and colors, and looking forward to see where the story leads.

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