Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Zombies and a favorite childhood friend

  The lovable, cuddly Teddy Bear has been a childhood favorite since the first toy bear was manufactured and named after President Theodore Roosevelt in the early 1900s. While avid-hunter Roosevelt was lauded for not killing a tied-up bear considering that "unsportsmanlike," the bear that was hunted down seemed to have been inhumanely treated and abused in order to be caught (although the story background changes depending on what source you read.)

The story of Roosevelt's refusal to kill the bear spread to the media. Soon, toy maker Morris Michtom, who went on to found the Ideal Toy Company, was one of those who got the idea to create a stuffed bear in Teddy's honor. Getting permission to use Roosevelt's name, he began making the  "Teddy Bear." The famous Steiff bears also launched during the same time period and became hugely popular in the US after being introduced at the Leipzig toy fair.

Fast forward to today. The Teddy Bear has seen better days, especially in the face of a zombie plague. Somewhere, the cute, sweet bears were infected, resulting in Undead Teds. UK creator Phillip Blackman turned the lovable toy you love to snuggle up with into something, well...  that you'd rather lock in a room by itself.

(Photos: new releases, UndeadTeds on Tumblr)

undead ted, zombie teddy bear

Imagine having this looking at you all night long... while you sleep....

I feel sorry for this poor guy below, though.... He looks so sad.

undead ted, zombie teddy bear 2

I have to admire the creativity and idea behind these, which apparently are flying off the shelves. But... it makes the thing under the bed or hiding in the closet look a lot less frightening now, doesn't it?

 See more on the Undead Teds Tunblr page... if you dare.

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