Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beyond Blue Police Procedural Kickstarter

For  something different.... Intrigue Publishing has a Kickstarter going to launch its latest, an intriguing police procedural, Beyond Blue by Austin Camacho

BEYOND BLUE is about a privately funded detective  that helps police in trouble. The agency was started by a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman whose son worked in the World Trade Center. On September 11, 2001 one of New York’s finest gave his life saving the son.

The novel follows four of the agency’s cases, which overlap and intersect: An undercover officer is in danger of really being drawn into a life of crime, a crooked lawyer is destroying police careers by making arresting officers appear to have violated criminals’ rights, a cop’s wife accuses him of abusing their daughter, and a retired police detective who is now in charge of airport security could lose his job because of drugs being smuggled in through JFK International. Pursuing these cases is a team of unique and intriguing detectives.
Bid on Kickstarter to get ebooks, signed paperbacks and more.  Bid for next stretch goals!
Read an excerpt here. 

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