Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Now Out! #Zombie and other Stories, Baby Shoes Anthology

It's Available!  Now Live on Kindle!

Baby Shoes: 100 Stories by 100 Authors - includes my story, "Second Chances"

100 flash stories under 1,000 words by 100 authors - (All Amazon links  - Print is coming soon - 394 pages. ) 

That weird old lady hoarder turns out to have the last laugh when zombies actually do appear.  When she goes to the day care in town, she spots the baby shoes in the hall and hopes she's not too late...

Excerpt from Second Chances by C.A. Verstraete... 

The strange flu came from nowhere. The news blared the rising death tolls hour by hour. Then came the panic and looting, especially once the real disaster became clear—the dead didn’t stay dead.

Lucky for me, being the “crazy hoarder” in the rundown house on the hill has some advantages: the zombies have easy pickings of the panicked citizens below, and I have a house full of goods. With everything I could need on hand from ointments and paper goods, to baby items, and all kinds of food, along with my rain barrels and homemade solar panels, I almost never have to leave home.

As I stood on my roof, rifle in hand, and watched people fleeing and trying to fight off the ghoulish hordes, something hit me. The fate of the adults didn’t matter. Heartless it might sound, but I knew it was them or me. But what about the truly helpless and defenseless? I didn't want to go out, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the day care center in town. I had to find out what had happened there...


  1. Yeah! But I'm going to wait for the print copy. This is too good to not have on my shelf!

  2. Cool! Thanks, Laura. I'm looking forward to reading all the stories too!