Monday, July 13, 2015

Review of #Zombie Movie Maggie, Arnold Schwarzenegger

I just rented the zombie movie Maggie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I am not an Arnold fan (nope never saw a Terminator film), nor am I a big fan of  the cheesy, gory zombie movies (but I do like the Romero zombie films and a few others like Zombieland.)

 This proved to be a different kind of movie - thoughtful, moving, well acted, with an ending different than you expect.

The movie centers on Arnold as the father, dealing with his daughter (Abigail Breslin), who's become infected with a virus that will transform her into a mindless, flesh-eating monster who will attack during a process called "the turn."

The infected are picked up and dealt with (exterminated) at quarantine centers once they go from human to having heightened senses of smell and smelling people around them as "food."

There are only a couple zombies shown in the movie and a few rapid flashbacks, so this is not a movie for those who like a lot of zombies or action. This is more a contemplative kind of film -- atmospheric, relying a lot on close shots and pretty scenery, presenting "mood" enhanced with a music score. It is slower paced, but if you want to watch a  more thoughtful kind of movie you won't find it overly slow. 

I enjoyed the film's presentation, look and story line. It presented a few moments showing the daughter Maggie as a teenager, while showing her facing an awful fate many adults wouldn't know how to cope with.

There is little dialogue or small bits, but it fit the movie, letting the relationship, and events, unfold without a lot of talking. 

Toward the end, there are some heart-wrenching, and heart-pounding moments, as Maggie nears her transformation, while showing the relationship between the father and daughter. I really enjoyed it. Definitely worth watching and shows a softer side to an actor usually presented as just an action hero-type. I recommend it and would watch it again.

(see Variety review.)

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