Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Upcoming #Horror #Zombie Books 2016

Some interesting reads coming up or just released, including:

* Horror: 

 W.D. Gagliani adds to his Nick Lupo werewolf series with book six -Wolf's Blind (Nick Lupo), where a wounded Lupo can't shift back to his wolf form, making him unable to heal, and now he's being hunted by a cruel Mafia boss out for revenge...


Christian Larsen, author of Losing Touch, has gone to the dark side with an intriguing new book (out Feb. 16).  The Blackening of Flesh centers around a house that was the site of a Capone massacre. Then people start acting strangely, and it's up to Jared to keep the past from creeping into the present... 

* Zombie:

There are only a handful of new books coming up on Amazon. so far. But this caught my eye:

Romero and Juliet: A Tragic Tale of Love and Zombies - the cover intrigued me. 

Speaking of zombies.... Wow!!

 Jonathan Maberry has a "gotta get it" project coming up! He's teaming up with none other than Night of the Living Dead director George Romero to edit a new anthology tentatively titled, HORROR OF THE LIVING DEAD. 

Set in the 48 hours surrounding the original movie, the anthology will have stories by 17 top authors including Maberry, Romero and: 

 Brad Thor, NY Times bestselling author; Brian Keene (The Rising); Chuck Wendig, (Star Wars: Aftermath); Craig Engler, (Z Nation); David Wellington, (Monster Island); Isaac Marion, (Warm Bodies); Jay Bonansinga, (Walking Dead novels); Joe Lansdale,(Bram Stoker Award-winning short story, On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks, was included in the first-ever zombie anthology, Book of the Dead); Joe McKinney(Dead City, The Savage Dead); John Russo, co-screenwriter of Night of the Living Dead, and author of the first-ever zombie novels Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead.
  Keith R.A. DeCandido, (Resident Evil and tie-in novels for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, Sleepy Hollow, V-Wars);Mike Carey, (Hellblazer comics, the Felix Castor series); Mira Grant, (Seanan McGuire, Newsflesh series); Neal Shusterman & Brandon Shusterman: (Neal is a National Book Award winner and a bestselling author collaborating with his son and filmmaker Brandon.); Sandra Brown & Ryan Brown: (Sandra is a bestselling author of over 70 novels; Ryan wrote the zombie sports novel Play Dead).

* Mystery - Thriller: 

And... on the somewhat lighter side.... Jaime Johnesee and Christine Sutton have a lighter spin-off of their Revelations series (Book 1 is Cast In Blood: A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Novel: Revelations Series). The new upcoming book is more lighthearted with a cute cover! Coming soon...

Armand Rosamilia's new thriller, Dirty Deeds, which was accepted into the Kindle Scout program, is now up for pre-order. A twist on that hit man saga... "For a fee, I'll take care of it. A big fee. Only I'm not going to save you from them... I'm going to save them from you."

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