Friday, January 15, 2016

Z Nation on SyFy

I’m a little slow getting to the party, but I’ve recently started watching Z Nation—and I love it! In my defense, we’ve been recording the most recent season on DVR, and I’ve watched a few of those, but I wanted—needed—to start at the beginning. I had to know who the characters were and why they are in their particular situation.

I’m really enjoying the series so far. There is so much to like: zombies, death, destruction, and humor. Of course there is the necessary survivor stories that come with the zombie apocalypse and the struggle of living from day to day, along with the necessary drama and tension and the obligatory undead (hey, it’s not a zombie show without zombies!).

What I like about this series so far is the sense of hope. Sure, life sucks and this is 3 years after the dead have risen and the characters don’t have much choice but to make the best of their situation and move on, but I appreciate that it isn’t always dark. It’s not always drama, drama, drama, there are moments of humanity.

Those are the parts I like the best. There will be nefarious and underhanded characters who are out for themselves and try to exert power over others, but I really enjoy how the main characters have a sense of morality and a desire to help others. They show “mercy.” It could possibly come back and bite them, but that feels real to me. I truly believe that in crises and hard times, we humans have the capacity to work together, and we often do. 

The underhanded/smarmy characters have to be there for the tension. I mean, it’s not enough that there are undead roaming the earth, there has to be undesirable humans, too. But that’s the point of zombie shows and films: to show how bad humanity can be. There is supposed to be a fine line between the zombies and the humans, and the audience is supposed to question who is worse.

I haven’t made it very far in the series yet, but I’m hooked. Who else is a Z Nation fan?

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