Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday #Mystery #Paranormal Writing Tips

It's Tuesday, so here are some more sage words of wisdom - that is, some pretty decent writing tips from top authors. 

* Read last week's tips from authors Jeffrey Westhoff and Terrie Farley Moran. *

Multi-published and USA Today Bestselling author Jean Rabe has a couple of new titles out with a paranormal twist. These include:

Pockets of Darkness about businesswoman and thief Bridget O'Shea, whose latest relic theft comes with a curse and an ancient Sumerian demon out to kill everyone Bridget knows until it gets what it wants.

And The Love-Haight Case Files (with Donald J. Bingle), the story of two attorneys representing OTs - Other than Humans (ghosts, vampires, maybe even a zombie) in San Francisco during the Summer of Love. 

With so many new ideas (between ball-tossing sessions with her favorite dogs, that is, and maybe little sleep), you wonder how Jean manages to sit down and crank out the words. But she does, and offers pretty simple advice to doing the same: 
“Butt in chair, fingers on keyboard, don't quit for the day NO MATTER WHAT, until you've reached the desired word count.

Camille Minichino, (writing as Margaret Grace) is author of the fun Miniatures Mystery series. Her latest, Matrimony in Miniature, is book nine in the series and also comes out Sept. 9. 

About the Book: 

When murder happens in the small town of Lincoln Point CA, there aren’t many degrees of separation between the victim and retired teacher Gerry Porter. How can she stay away from the investigation when the crime scene is the venue for her marriage to Henry Baker? But this time, nephew Detective Skip Gowen tries to discourage Gerry’s and granddaughter Maddie’s efforts to solve “The Case.” He couldn’t live with himself if the murderer learns of their efforts and comes after them....

Camille's writing tip comes comes from one of my favorite authors as well. She says: 

“My fave is really Stephen King's: Write with the door closed; edit with the door open.
 She also offers this good advice: "“I have an endless list of beta readers to help edit so that my manuscripts are very clean by the time they're submitted.

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