Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More Writers on Writing & Not Writing! #Mystery #Horror

I asked some writers their views recently on writing, not writing, quitting, not quitting, and why they keep going. It can be a rough road at times, but everyone agrees that they have to do it. Got some great answers so here's part 2 and more writers' viewpoints on their craft. Don't forget to check out their work!

Jean Rabe, author of the recently released The Dead of Winter says on quitting… “A few times I've thought about it...when I've had trouble selling a book. But then I manage to sell it (I have nothing unsold in my computer), and that puts me in a better mood. Besides, I can't quit. Nothing else I'd rather do than write with dogs at my feet.” (She’s nowhere near quitting, having just published her 36th! book.)

Terrie Farley Moran, author of the Read ‘Em and Eat Mystery Series – the latest is Read to Death, says, “I see writing as my job. While the actual writing is a struggle, I am always pleased with the finished product so I strive to finish another project and then another. I think it helps that I write both novels and short stories so the work varies.

Courtney Mroch, author and editor of Shadow People and Cursed Objects, 13 Tales of Terror based on true stories – or are they? says, “Yep. But quitting is not an option. Writing is what makes my heart beat and my soul soar.

Lori R. Lopez, horror and children's novelist, poet and artist, her latest is an intriguingly fun and funny story about an odd creature, The Strange Tail of Oddzilla: Something for Everyone says, “Writing is my strongest creative drive and I couldn't be myself without it. I've been doing it for decades, in my head and then on paper once I learned to form letters and words. I can't imagine not doing it, and I have so many projects to get done that won't get done by themselves, at times it feels like an obsession. Most of the time. The rest of the time I am probably writing in my sleep. Now and then I wake up exhausted and disappointed that nothing actually got done.
    I do feel frustrated about working so hard to release my work, then working at trying to promote the new titles when I can, how I can, and there will be some interest at first, there is interest at events, but it hasn't spread very far yet. I get quite frustrated since I have a number of titles out. That can make me feel like I'm failing in some regards, though I am proud of what I've accomplished up to now as a writer and artist.”

(Note: ooh, a fun illustrated print version is coming… coloring book style perhaps?)