Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Another #Zombie #Horror Lizzie Borden #1LineWed

It's that time again!

Figured I'd share another 1 Line for 1LineWed - 1 Line Wednesday

I picked this line as it's a lead-in to one of my favorite sections during the murder trial  in

 She grimaced and felt the blood rush from her face as Mr. Moody set the cast skull on the rail in front of the stenographer's table with a clunk.

And what happens next, well...  You gotta read it to see!! 

** FYI: If you didn't know, the book follows the actual events, from the real-life murders to the actual trial and uses real newspaper headlines and inquest transcripts - but with an added twist in the story, of course.

** Got a couple great new reviews on it.... "Well-written, well-edited, well-researched, and well-constructed. " (Thanks Don) and "Inspired, moving, creative read." (Thanks Steve R).  
Be sure to check it out. Click the title link above. 

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