Friday, November 11, 2016

New #Horror Novel Release - Manos: Talons of Fate

New Horror Classic!

  * Manos : Talons of Fate by Stephen D. Sullivan.  Pre-Order! Releases Nov. 15.

Sullivan, who wrote the award-winning original film adaptation novel, MANOS: The Hands of Fate (2016 Scribe Award winner - Best Adapted Novel), based on the classic camp horror-comedy movie of the same name, is coming out with the horror novel version of the film called "the worst movie ever made by Entertainment Weekly." 
 (** Read my story on the award and book: "The book is better than the movie.") 

About Manos: Talons of Fate:

A shocking new chiller!

What starts as a much-needed vacation for Mike, Margaret, daughter Debbie, and their dog, Pepe, escalates into a nightmare of fear and madness. Trapped by the wicked Master, his demonic brides, and the half-human Torgo, the family must endure the horrors of the night-dark desert to escape the vile coven. Once the terror starts, it never lets up in this new, deadly serious novel based on the classic cult film.

“In this version of Manos, the characters are revealed to be complex, believable people with reasons (no matter how misguided) for their fateful choices. The dark and twisted methods of the Manos cult are described in gruesome detail. This is a novel that lovers of horror will truly enjoy.” —Jackey Neyman Jones (Debbie from Manos) from her Foreword.

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