Tuesday, December 26, 2017

#Zombie Movies & Series

With Christmas now over, it's time to talk zombie movies and series

So, did you get any for Christmas?

I just got season 7 of The Walking Dead. Yes, I'm behind since I don't use cable. I'd heard a lot of griping about this season being too bloody and gratuitous. Gory? Yes. I'll say the first story involving the killing of several longtime characters was pretty ghastly but also so fake that it fell into the unbelievable for me. I'm watching segment 2 with King Ezekiel and not really sure what I think. Maybe some people are right and the series has lost some of its earlier magic and gripping storylines. We'll see.


 I watched part 1 of the BBC series, In the Flesh, (which I see came out in 2013) after hearing someone comment on it. It's pretty intriguing in that the infected are "cured" or at least function via a vaccine. (No ideas are too original it seems as I had the zombie teen in my book, GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie, (which also came out in 2013) survive via taking medicine as well.) 

Intriguing series and well-acted. It concentrates a lot on the zombie-characters flashbacks and how others cope with them. I got part 2 of In the Flesh for Christmas and am looking forward to watching it.

I also got the zombies movie collection which includes The Demented, The Crazies, Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead and The Terror Experiment. Anyone see any of these? Bad? Good? 

Well... when the movie description starts: college friends join up for a reunion that soon turns deadly, well.. And oh, when the second movie, The Crazies, also uses the "battling for survival lines..."  can't they think of anything original? But this one gets 4 stars and is a reinvention of a Romero movie.

Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead involves cast members in a "real-life" version of the Romero classic. Hmm.... The Terror Experiment sounds different since it involves the release of a deadly toxin, yes, but describes it as "employees must get out before the building is destroyed to destroy the poison." Zombies? And this looks to be the best rated with 4.75 stars... Okay, I'm intrigued....

The Demented

The Crazies

Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead

The Terror Experiment

So, what zombie movies/series are you going to watch? 

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