Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy 2018 Lizzie Borden Writing! #zombies #horrror

Well it's 2018! 

I started January 1 on good footing - I laid off my writing of Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter 2 a bit. I reworked parts of Chapter 1, which now works better, and I did a couple other chapters, then felt I really needed to work on the rest of the outline. 

I'm actually starting Chapter 13 (my chapters are short) and knew most of what I wanted to happen next. It's just along the way, I, at least, get bogged down in fearing I'm missing some points and trying to hook all the details together. It's always a big puzzle that needs careful assembly. Why an outline helps. I think I have most of it now and some of it also may get cemented once I write the next parts. That's why the outline is so useful.

Funny, I realize now that I overlooked one point - and I think I'll keep it that way as it would've put the story off in an unneeded direction -- and most of all I did NOT want to kill off a certain character. Not yet anyway.

Real Life? 
I like how the story is going, continuing where Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter ended, and following up on certain points: Are the zombies really gone? What happens to Lizzie after the trial and after she is acquitted of the double murders? What happened to her sister? Does she ever marry or fall in love?

Granted, Lizzie's life was fairly quiet and "normal" after the trial. Not much goes on in real life, so I'm incorporating some real life events from different time periods and of course a lot of it is fictional. Well, zombies, right? But I am still pulling in facts from the murders the year before and the trial since it was the reason why we even know who she was.

Not many chapters to go. This one will be a bit shorter, I think. I won't say much more though I'm going to really concentrate to finish. Kind of a NanoWriMo but in January. I'm late as I wanted to finish sooner, but I'm still on track. Stay tuned for details!

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