Friday, January 26, 2018

#Horror Movies to See

Happy Friday!! 

I usually am watching most movies long after anyone else has already seen them, so these may be old news to you but...

What's your favorite horror movie you've seen so far?

I recently saw IT and I loved IT! Creepy clown, a few spots that make you jump, it really was done well. I liked that book when I read it many moons ago, though I admit I was initially disappointed the ending. But I love the mystery in the clown showing up over the generations and going back in history.

What's next? 
Jigsaw - Yes, I like the Saw movies. Icky, creepy, even if I cringe. So I am curious to see what this new one is about. Anyone seen it? Thoughts??

Other NEWS:

* Writing: LBZH 2: I took some days off from writing Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter 2. Was busy with nonfiction and I needed to set the project aside for a few days. It's good to do that as I got re-invorgorated, went in a new direction, and have made good progress. I may have to change this one part up a bit, not sure yet if I want it that way, but we'll see. And I can see the end - very soon!!

*  I've been collecting titles to include in a new monthly reading list. Hope I'll get to it before the end of January! Yes, I got a late start, but it'll be a good one - lots of great new stuff is coming out!!

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